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I’m officially past the half-way point of the Plan 303E Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel), I think. I hope so, anyway. Can’t imagine this thing getting much bigger. Still, there is a fair amount of work to be done. Like the…

Arm units!

For those I’m going to runners I haven’t touched yet.

Did I mention there are a lot of runners in this box?

First assemble two of these.

Into that you’ll plug a fairly large part.

You’ll need to push it in forcefully until you hear a loud snap. You’ll know it when you hear it.

This will then go into an even larger frame assembly.

Like that red fin.

I’m building a shark.

For the white parts you’ll need to dig out these runners, which I haven’t even cracked the packaging for yet.

You’ll place a poly-cap in one side and then lay them onto your frame assembly.

Add some trim parts after that.

And after that one poly-cap into the underside of an orange part.

This drops on the top.

Wonder what that poly-cap is for.

If you’ve done everything correctly you’ll have two of these.

Now you are ready to star the…

Right arm.

Grab more fresh runners!

I did write that I felt I as over half-way done, right? Why so many unopened runner bags still?!

I’ll need these parts and a screw.

I’m screwing the piece with a peg on it onto the larger part.

The smaller part just clips on.

There you go.

I now place that onto another large frame part and another screw is required.

View from the other side showing where the screw goes.

Now for some red and another frame part.

This frame part will slide back and forth but you need to hold it in place while you snap the pieces on against it.

Movement isn’t a lot but is noticeable.

Now build something similar for the other side.

These will join together through the large assembly you built earlier and a screw will hold things together.

Once screwed together add some more red parts.

One more small frame part left.

That actually goes in the poly-cap at the top.

Now for some more frame parts.

This design looks familiar to me.

Pretty standard MG arm.

Though I do have an oddly-shaped PC part to go with a frame piece.

Then some white parts are brought in.

Put the poly-cap/cuff in place.

Note, this is backwards.

Add the arm frame and the armour parts to close it up.

Note, cuff still backwards.

I had it together and then I realized the backwardness so out came the parts separator.

That’s better.

Now the armour part for the area around the cuff can go on.

Cuff does move.

Add red trim to each side.

Here are the parts for the hands.

Looks old-school.

When was the last time I assembled hands like this?

Here is the full arm.

It plugs into the giant shoulder.

Doesn’t miss shoulder day.

Repeat for the other arm?


Wait, I’m using these parts now.

What is going on?

Add the upper arm armour part and another part to finish off whatever it is on the lower arm.

Now for some circles.

You will need to remove the starfish.

Red goes in white.

White goes in Gray.

You’ll then need three tines.

That’s what I’m calling them.

They fit into the circle.

Then you plug that onto the shoulder.

Remember watching nature programs and they showed a crab that had one pincher hand much much larger than the other?

Now to plug them into my Deep Striker.

Gotta get the angle right on this one.

The other one is easier in comparison.

Wanna arm wrestle?

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  1. GBD says:

    It’s odd to see an MG kit requiring screws and poly caps in 2018. I’m a little disappointed. Besides the size of this thing and for fans of the design there’s not a lot going on here- reused parts from the ancient EXS and S Gundam MGs, huge seam lines…

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    Almost there!

    Mine hasn’t arrived yet… T_T

  3. QUANTA says:

    Its either this or a pg strike, waiting on the review to decide.

  4. CruelAngel says:

    Hey! Kind of off topic, just wanted to point out that the site’s rss feed is not updating since january.

  5. Trifl says:

    Syd! What’s your take on Ryan leaving HLJ man? I’m hoping you guys still talk. Thanks for all the continued posts!

    • S2 says:

      Ryan and I still talk quite regularly so he kept me updated about his life, etc. He told me about his leaving before others knew. I say good for him. Life is about always moving forwards.

  6. Alberto from Italy says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but this thing looks like pure recycling of a 2002’s kit, the S-Gundam, by taking off the legs and by adding some weaponry around! If you compare this to the S-Gundam, you’ll notice the shoulders, the arms and even the chest do look exactly the same! This does explain the totally outdated right hand, after all… And it doesn’t bid well…

    • QUANTA says:

      It does use parts from the original ex-s as well as the old p-bandai booster set, however this kit seems to be more for display than functionality

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