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My first session with the Deep Striker was quite a long one but even though I feel I made good progress I realize I didn’t even get to the end of the section I was working on. Man, this Plan 303E Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel) is a monster!

Here is the bottom of the page I neglected to look at once I got this thing on the display base.

Okay, I’ll just whip these two things up.

It is the frame part that will connect to the kit that is different between the two. That determines which angle it will sit at when plugged into the side.

The manual doesn’t specificy which to put on first but I found it easier to put the rear one on first and then the forward one.

Now I can move on to the next section, which is the Chest Unit/Head Unit/Booster Units.

(Looks at the runner list and cringes.) No problem!

First illustration and I know which runner that is.

That’s the runner I grabbed that one part from when I started the display base. Progress!

(It usually takes me a build session or two to start recognizing runners.)

I’ll start grabbing some small runners that I’ll need.

There are some large parts on that white runner but I only need this.

I’m not ready for that yet. First I have to assemble some frame parts.

Several small parts squeeze in there.

Now for that pilot seat.

Things just sit in there.

Close it up and move on.

Now for some red.

The two parts you see here come off different runners. Repeat that process.

These will fit on either side of the frame assembly you just finished.

Another piece for the front goes on as well.

Now for the multi-coloured runner. This one is the easiest to locate in that large box of runners.

It is a new runner as indicated by the X on the front. This is XA1 which makes sense as usually the multi-coloured runner is A in most kits. I need a part from there to go on a part from the G runner.

Where is the G runner? The runners in this kit which were originally from the MG S Gundam have the letter designation right next to the S Gundam name. But I can’t find a G next any runner name.

So I look to the diagram.

And I match it up with a large runner I pull from the box.

Where’s the G, though?

It’s not where it should be? It’s not in the same place all the other runners have it.

There it is!

I can continue. I grab one part from the G runner but the other two frame parts are from a new runner despite similar looking parts being on the G runner.

I think we have an idea what this is.

Set that aside and grab more frame parts.

These parts will go onto what you just assembled but you need a screw to hold it all together.

Now for a nicely sized orange, I mean red, part.

You’ll attach the collar section to this.

And there we go.

That goes aside for a minute while I put together two more frame parts.

And now I need the wire.

Thread it up at the top with a little bit extending past the end.

You bend that extra over to sit flush against the frame. Then you take the shoelace.

Run that up the length of the wire.

The manual shows that you should have a little wire sticking out the end of your shoelace.

But I don’t.

I’ll just pull it up a bit.


Now I need a long part found here.

The frame will sit almost fully inside.

And I’ll need the foil stickers.

There are still runner bags I haven’t opened yet!

Just need one for now.

Thread the loose end of the shoelace through the opening on this part and join it together with the other large piece.

And now I’m breaking out the poly-cap runners.

I need a small PC part from each runner to fit into the end of these two frame pieces.

These frame parts will be what joints my collar section to the long, white, shoelace-harbouring section.

I’ll need a screw to secure everything.

On one side of those frame parts is a little hook.

This will slide into the grooves on the back of the large orange piece and its corresponding frame part.

You will need to tilt that long cylinder so it is horizontal to get the hook into its place and to push it down to secure it.

Now put that aside and grab this interesting looking frame piece.

On each end of it you will sandwich two smaller frame parts.

To get those small parts on you’ll need to line up the hole and peg properly.

There is a little tab on the peg, similar to what we saw in the MG Thunderbolt Gundam so if you don’t have that lined up properly you could do damage to the parts.

With those parts locked on a similar part is then attached to both.

Once on you turn them down.

And still I’m finding bags of runners I have yet to open.

So many parts!

I’ll need two parts like this and two poly-caps.

These attach to the underside of those ends you just swung down.

Now I’ll need these.

These two go on the underside of what we’ve just been working on.

Now I will take the large reddish chest piece and plug in a couple smaller parts.

This requires tiny fingers or tweezers.

“I have huge hands.”

Onto that frame contraption I’ve been working on I place two more frame parts.

A look at the underside shows some slats.

They have to fit into this groove.

Now I can slide the armour part onto the frame.

Add parts/vents to the chest.

Just when it seemed I was getting somewhere we move onto a different section all together.

The head unit!

I’ll need this frame piece and a small sticker to go with that.

Onto that frame part I’ll add the V fin parts.

These connections are so small.

Another yellow fin and a small orange part go together and then go on.

Stop me if I’ve you’ve heard this one, but put that aside for now.

It’s time to build a face.

I’ll need these two, yes two, stickers.

I find it easier to put the stickers on after putting the clear piece and face mask together. This allows me to see the eye surface area more distinctly.

The next step is to slide the V fin section onto the head frame then add a small piece on from the top and another at the back.

This small piece you drop on from above prevents the V fin section from sliding out once it’s in place.

You’ll need to have the V fins slid forward as far as they should go before applying the side armour parts.

View from above.

Now I have to choose which head I’m making.

Deep Striker Ver. or S Gundam Ver.

Seeing as the kit is called the Deep Striker I’m going with that version. So the last part goes like this.

Okay, I’m getting somewhere now.

Attach the chest section to the back/collar section.

I notice that my neck is quite low. I’ll just slide that up.

Now I can add that thing I assembled what seems like hours ago.

Plop on the Deep Striker head, or S Gundam head if you went that route.

I’m still not done with this section of the build but I have to call it a night. Work tomorrow, and all that. I sound like a responsible (old) man.

I’ll just put the torso as I have it now onto what I’ve got on the base.

Looks pretty cool just like that.

Yes, that’s the special features from The Last Jedi in the background.

It was a good night.

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