Gaijin Gunpla

Just a post to say that today I’m flying back to Japan for a couple weeks to visit friends, family, important people, and if I have extra time maybe the Odaiba Unicorn.

My schedule is jam packed even before I get on the plane but I’ll see what I can squeeze in there.

This means that I won’t be posting any updates to the site during those 13 days, though the Gaijin Gunpla facebook page should be pretty active.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be back in time to collect my RG Tallgeese EW.

I may or may not have planned that deliberately.

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  1. Sheldon17 says:

    have a safe trip Syd.. hope that you can drop by at Odaiba so that we can see some unicorn pictures..

  2. Dan says:

    Have a great time Syd and safe travels!

  3. Canapla says:

    Now you will be an actual gaijin again.


  4. Gamera90s says:

    Uh-huh…coincidentally right when Hobbylink TV is expecting a special guest host, eh? Safe travels Syd!

  5. Tequila says:

    Have fun being back in Japan!

    I visited Tokyo late march. I usually skip Odaiba (too far away) but didn’t regret going this time. Like many I hated it when they announced the RX78-2 to be replaced by the Unicorn. But I have to admit it’s pretty amazing in real life, especially after dark when the lights go on. The Gundambase on the other hand was rather underwhelming. I only wanted to get the HG Unicorn light crystal version as a souvenir, but ofcourse it was sold out..

  6. Albert says:

    have a safe trip Syd! take a pic with Ryan if you can, it’s been a while to see both of you together. kinda miss it 🙁

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