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The Plan 303E Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel) defies cateogorization. Okay, maybe that’s an embellishment. However, it goes beyond what most MS have; a body that looks like a body. I’ve finished the bottom but wouldn’t call them legs. And now I’m working on the top but don’t see any arms.

I do see fuel tanks.

At least I’m guessing that’s what these are. These are the same runners/parts that I’ve used already but this time there are some new parts added.

Enclose the tank ball joint in these frame parts. Then put them in these larger white parts.

oops, upside down in that image.

That’s better. This tank section will attach to the bottom of the back of the torso .

That little part will move. Does that mean these are meant to tilt up and down?

I think it’s going to be down. No way, that joint can hold up this tank assembly.

I’ll worry about it later. For now, I’ll move onto the next parts, all of which are fairly large.

The frame part goes onto the wide armour part and then the sides go on.

Follow that up with a red part and then the top.

That’s… interesting.

More large armour part around a frame part.

You can see how that frame part is meant to lay in there.

I’ve made it to the half-way point of the instruction manual!


Add a large armour part to the top and another frame part will drop into that.

There is a long recess in each side.

You’ll need a sticker for those.

After the stickers are in you add two yellow parts to each side.

Grab these parts.

You’re building two of the same thing here.

These will go into the underside of the large unit you’re working on.

Now I have to get this onto the chest of my Striker.

You’re first instructed to combine the things you’ve built so far. That is done with one connection.

That’s kind of cool.

You’ll see this on the inside of the large end.

That will go onto this.

And you’ll see little tabs on the ends of the upper section.

Those are meant to plug into the slots on the torso.

The manual says to do it like so.

That looks like it will be complicated. Trying to hold things in your hand while you line up smaller things and snap things into other things. I’m gonna cheat a bit.

I already put my Deep Striker torso onto the lower section of the body.

But I left that gap.

That means I can put the bottom part on first, then put the top part on following that

That leaves a gap between the one connection for these two chest assemblies.

By pushing the upper body down fully onto that peg the connection for the assemblies on the front of the torso will also connect.

That’s cool and all but there’s more work to be done in this portion of the manual. I must proceed to…

The Right Booster.

I’ll grab a runner I have yet to touch.

Wait. What’s this?

MG EX-S Gundam? Didn’t notice that when I was going through the runners. Only saw those marked MG S Gundam. I can’t say I’m surprised at this development.

Take the parts you need and prepare your screw.

Get everything together and you should have something that looks like this.

Now flip the lower port around exactly 270 degrees.


(It is impossible to rotate more than 270 so just give it a quick spin.)

Grab another screw and attach this arm to an armour part you’ve seen before.

Then build up around it like you’ve already done earlier in the build.

And unlike last time don’t forget to include the small part in the side of the lower end of the booster.

Add the attachment part and the cover.

That’s all the same as what you’ve done but here is where it takes a different turn.

This little white part has to fit on a very specific way.

See how that tab fits into the slot on the white part?

I had thought that would mean that it could slide along as the booster was turned but it actually doesn’t do that at all because everything is fixed into one place.

Add the trim.

And there you go.

You have just two more things to add unlike the last time which saw you adding a piston and such.

Now repeat for the other side.

I noticed something when building the second one that I didn’t see the first time.

There is a little tab on the end of the peg that has to fit into the slot on the other part.

If you have it lined up incorrectly you’ll wear that little peg down and things won’t lock into place. On the first one I had it lined up without noticing that area. Got lucky!

Anyways, build the second one (fourth one?) like you built the first one (third one?).

These now need to go on the side of you Deep Striker.

You need to line up a number of pegs.

It’s a little bit tricky but once you do get it lined up and the booster in place you’ll still need to add a screw to hold everything securely.

Kind of hard to see where it goes but there it is.

Look at this thing!

And I just got past the half-way point of the manual!

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