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Last WIP post for the RG Tallgeese EW and we are working on the backpack!

If you’re familiar with the backpack on the Tallgeese EW you know he has two wing-like structures on its back each housing several thrusters. Construction of those starts with this.

Slide the white fin through the center of the frame then add the thruster.

Now grab a similar looking frame part and put two foil stickers on there.

Attach a swing arm and add a thruster on this one as well

Take a larger frame part and hook on a white armour piece.

Into this you’ll place a square-like frame piece along with its own thruster.

Holding that square part in place sneak in the two frame/thruster sections you previously assembled.

Holding those in place close it up with another pairing of frame/white armour pieces.

Now you’ll be able to put the armour parts on either side.

Before putting those on you’ll need to put a foil sticker on the underside.

Grab a yellow part.

Add a pair of foil stickers. Here is the first one.

Oops, I think I put the sticker on the wrong side.

That’s better. Place that inside an armour piece.

Plug that in at the top and then add a yellow piece to the fin and a white part that drops overtop.

Lastly, a final armour part slides on the top.

And here is the first one.

Assembly of the second one is almost identical except swapping the side sections.

That leaves me with all the sections of the Tallgeese EW’s body.

Rather than connect them all and complete the Tallgeese I’m going to leave them as is to make putting the stickers on easier. Yes, I’m going to sticker this guy right away.

But first the weapons, starting with the Dober Gun.

Slide the lighter gray ring onto the darker shaft then lay that into a second darker part.

This will then fit into one side of the body of the gun.

Plug in a small part.

For the piece that makes up the opposite side of the body of the gun needs some pieces laid inside.

Add the handles, etc.

It looks like this section on the back can move.

Though it doesn’t move all that much.

For the sight a clear part is slid into a frame part and a sticker is applied.

Sight goes on at the top and what looks like an ammo canister goes in at the end.

Short form.

Long form!

Actually, that’s the medium form. The barrel can slide out more than that.

But I’m moving on to the shield. Grab the main three parts.

To the underside add the handle and the two beam saber handle attachments.

The saber handles are made up of two parts each.

That was quick.

Okay, the manual has me using these parts.

Add more parts than that.

This will attach to the body of the gun.

It folds up quite compactly against the body of the Dober Gun.

I get to do it again.

This one is for the shield.

Now everything is assembled and ready to be stickered. I do have some extra hands to finish.

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    Oh boy it’s gonna be a good review! Awesome WIP!

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