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Back onto the MG F91 Ver. 2.0. I don’t have a lot of time for this session but I should be able to knock out the arms and shoulders.

Start with these frame parts to make the elbow joint.

And these frame parts make the shoulder joint.

When you’re done making two each of those you move onto the right arm.

Slide a frame part onto the upper arm and one on the lower arm from below. Then plug in your shoulder joint at the top while inserting a large frame piece into the larger armour part that makes up most of the forearm.

After that, all that’s left is to make the hand.

That was quick. The left arm is not as simple.

You need to assemble these frame pieces.

From there add more frame parts.

You’ll need to insert the piston-looking piece and then swing it down.

Then bend the assembly at the joint.

This will fit into two armour pieces.

Put that aside and put together two of these.

The frame parts on the sides line up and connect a certain way.

You’ll add a top part after that.

Then add a sticker.

One of those fits onto the accessible frame section of the left forearm.

Then assemble the upper arm as you did with the right.

Add the hand and complete your pair.

Here’s the extent of the elbow articulation.

Next up the shoulders and we’ve got to make a fin assembly. That’s what I call it.

These snap together. Then snap on the fins.

The three fins are all different lengths and each has a specific spot.

Flip all fins one direction and make it as small as possible.

This then fits into the frame part that makes up the bulk of the shoulder.

Plug a small white piece on the end, add one side of the white side pieces, plug the shoulder peg hole into that and then close it up.

After that insert a small yellow part into the opening on either side and cover that up with a white part. A solid white part goes on the top as well at this stage.

Fins out and in.

The fins protrude by swinging a frame piece towards the opening. This distance it covers is the amount the fins will protrude.

You’ll then have to position them all individually by hand.

Attach the shoulders to the shoulder pegs.

Make sure they are pushed all the way on and then plug the arms on.

Push those in as far as they will go as well.

And upper body (minus the sweet V.S.B.R Units) is done.

Next up, leg time!

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  1. Cloudrunner62 says:

    Looking good! I need a replacement for my F91. Broke while I was painting it. Looks like I’m getting the upgrade

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