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Okay. Throne room fight is over. I can look down again at the RG Tallgeese EW. I am now working on the torso and just like the Waist Unit there is no B Frame part involved.

Does this make it feel less like a Real Grade kit? This is something to consider.

Some parts will sandwich between parts from the G runner that make up the torso frame.

Around one of those parts you’ll add some small frame parts.

The pegs for the arms are then added at the top.

Here is a shot of how those shoulder pegs will move.

At this point you will assemble the jointed arms that will hold the Backpack Vernier Units.

Once those are on you place a light gray part onto the top of the chest and add the white armour for the bottom of the torso.

Then you’ll add the yellow chest vents as well as the light gray bar underneath those.

Then these two parts.

This goes on around the peg at the top and you’ve got the side armour pieces going on at this time as well.

Off-white parts are then added at the bottom.

Armour for the back of the torso then go on.

I just noticed this but in the manual there are whole sections with no English text.

So allow me!

“The source of the Tallgeese’s explosive speed comes from the Backpack Verniers attached to its back.”

Okay, I’m going to go back to building now.

See… my… chest

Now for the arms.

Back to the RG frame I’m familiar with!

Loosen up the joints and pull off the piece at the cuff.

Swing some sections around and put them in their proper spot.

On the top and bottom you’ll slide a cylindrical armour part.

A ring goes on at the bottom.

You need to line the ring up properly to get it to slide into place fully and then you rotate it 90 degrees to lock it into place.

Parts go on around the elbow area.

Note how the arm doesn’t straighten past this point.

He will always be flexing. Guns out!

Build the shoulder.

Like the hip joint it lines up one way then rotates.

Shoulder construction starts by placing some small black parts into the white armour part.

Grab the white part for the other side, and a large yellow part.

The yellow part goes on around the shoulder ball joint and then the white parts plug into that.

A frame part then fits into the inside of what you just put together.

With the arm and shoulder done you only need your choice of hand.

There’s the right arm done.

Now build the other one and use both to show the range of articulation in the elbow.

Now for the mohawk!

You’ll start with these two parts and one of them takes a gold foil sticker.

The clear eye part goes onto facemask.

For this RG you only have one choice for the eye sticker.

Put that facemask onto parts which make up the top of the head.

Get your mohawk ready.

Into the white part of the head insert the yellow parts.

Join them up and there you go.

I’m finally ready to stop with the first build session. I should be able to complete the kit on the next one.

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