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I have fond memories of the MG F91 kit from 2006. If I recall correctly (and that may not be the case as I built it back in 2009) it was my 5th kit and I went into that build wanting to do things I’d never done before. I did some (poor) panel line scribing, added pla plate, drilled holes for rivets, and then managed to screw it all up at the end by painting with spray cans outside in high humidity.

Those were the days.

Looking back maybe the one thing I didn’t like about the kit was the frame.

Likely I don’t have to worry about that with the, new for 2018, a MG F91 Ver. 2.0. I must admit, I became super excited when this was announced.

Being this excited and not wanting to wait an extra day, I trekked out to the local postal collection depot much later than I normally do and came back home with this!

While I already liked the art work for the original F91 MG kit I don’t mind seeing this new art for the 2.0.

It being late I didn’t have a lot of time to go through the box contents but I did do a quick peek and will share what I noticed.

First thing to notice was that this is a large size MG box and not the small one which is how the original F91 came packaged.

I also noticed markings. Um.. yes.

Here are the frame runners.

I noticed they are ABS.

Clear parts.

And a stand.

It’s no Lafressia, though.

Weapon effect parts.

Flip side of that is parts for the stand.

Something there is worth noting but I’ll mention that in a bit.

Here are the three white armour runners.

And here is what adds the colour.

Now for the manual.

The image on the back looks like the F91 I remember, albeit with new details.

Center image.

I like this image.

Marking guide.

And here is the part of the manual showing the stand assembly.

It takes an LED.

Here is the order form in the manual.

I am seriously contemplating getting this.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Aaqib says:

    Looks incredible.
    Really like the colour of the effect parts.
    Extremely excited to see the review and pictures of this kit!

  2. GBD says:

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Hope you have fun with your build!

  3. Jammy says:

    Hi! First time caller, long time listener…reader?!?
    Really tempted by this as my first MG kit (I’m usually an RG builder), I realise the F91 is a bit of a love/hate MS design but I have always been fond of it. I think its the torso, it has a really “sporty” look, it always reminded me of a Porsche for some reason.
    Looking forward to this build being completed.

    (…and hoping for an RG release of this suit)

  4. VINS says:

    Already am building this. Almost done with the VSBRs left.. How I wished they used 2.0 or 3.0 handa for this kit instead of swappable hands.. Whatcha think?

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