Gaijin Gunpla

I love the Zaku II design and my favourite to this day is still the Shin Matsunaga variant. The MG was the second kit I ever built and solidified what, after the first kit, was an excited curiousity into full blow fandom. That was hundreds of kits ago and I am just as excited to get my hands on the Real Grade version.

When building the recent RG Johnny Ridden Zaku II we all expected more to come and they have, albeit not through regular releases. We both praise and curse Bandai at the same time. Fortunately, in this day and age of the internet anyone who really wants one can find one. Myself, I ordered one and then picked it up on my recent trip to Japan.

A couple things of note on this kit.

It comes with its own distinct manual. Many Gentei variation kits come with the main release’s manual and a leaflet showing the differences. Not so for my pal Shin.

Another thing worth noting is, unlike the Master Grade kit, the RG version has the blue for the shoulder as a sticker and not a waterslide decal.

Back when I built the MG, it was my first time trying waterslides and I stuffed up somewhat and ended up leaving that shoulder decal off. With this I don’t have to worry about that, though I’m much more experienced now.

I was curious to see how they handled that as a sticker. Would they tell you to put it on during construction, which is something I think I may end up doing. Finding that spot in the manual reveals…

Well, nothing. I guess you’re not meant to worry about it until after when you’re putting all the markings on.

It should keep you busy.

I guess that’s all I really can say about this kit for now.

I feel I’ll have much more to say once it’s finished.

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  1. Ragnaroc05 says:

    I was surprised as well and can say the Black Tri-Stars version has its own manual as well. I’m debating on which to build first or if I should build the MG version of the Shin Matsunaga Zaku

    I’m going to go on a limb here and say all P-Bandai varients of RG kits have their own manual as I think the Exia R2 and OO Seven Sword did as well.

    • Blindmam17 says:

      As a collector of the P-Bandai RG stuff, ( I have all of them, with the exception of a few clear color variants, and the Zaku Minelayer, which is a sore spot. Missed the pre-order…) I’d say about half have their own manual. If there are multiple identical part trees in the different colors or additional parts, they’ll often have an extra insert with information on those elements.

      Now that I say that, yeah, I guess they do have their own manual, of sorts…

  2. harold says:

    There is something about the Zaku that is strangely appealing. Maybe it’s that German soldier vibe, the same sort of spirit that lives in storm troopers…

  3. BNuts says:

    The Zaku gruntsuits never really appealed to me, but the closely-related Gouf reminds me of the Cyclops, the one-eyed Guardian of the Gates. Sinanju is my favourite mono-eyed MS, closely followed (though only through a thinly-stretched technicality) with the Grimgerde. Neither are gruntsuits, though.

    • Paul Emical* says:

      How dare you not worship the sacred Zaku!
      Repent at once and kneel before the Mighty Church of the Zaku!! 😀 😀 😀

      Jokes aside, I also love the Gouf, but it only comes second in my personal ranking. DOM FOREVER!!!

      As for the Zaku… well, it’s enough to say that I own almost every MG kit that Bandai made of it… 😉

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