Gaijin Gunpla

I’m back from Japan with a suitcase full of goodies. I’ll show off the interesting ones soon but the one that I think everyone wants to see first is the just released RG Tallgeese EW. I’m keen to get on it so I’ll rip through this First Look post pretty quickly.

Here’s the multi-coloured A runner.

RG quality details are there for all to see.

And here’s the… Wha?!

That’s the B, frame, runner. Where did the other half go? I shall investigate.



E1 and E2.

There’s a nice glossy effect on the white.


The parts for the Dober gun are found here.

G1 and G2.

H1, H2, Beam Saber blades, and the RG stickers.

Closer look at those stickers.

Obligatory manual shots!

As usual, marking guide is on the last page.

Let’s get started!

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Pipoy Reglos says:

    i have waited years for bandai to release this kit.

    oh wait, first comment!

  2. Ghost of Moria says:

    Man, this kit looks fantastic. I already own the MG, which I’m actually quite happy with, but from what I’ve seen, these new RG’s are really bringing their A game. With the release of the RG Sazabi, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an RG Nu Gundam.

  3. CruelAngel says:

    No more RG hands? :\ I want my RG hands ._.

    • Nova says:

      Just steal some off another kit and put on the backs of the other pair.. not a lot of people like them hands, break too easy, ya dig?

  4. irfan adnan says:

    Finally, something to pose that can shine Wing Gundam EW in my shelf

  5. Kid Icarus says:

    Sadly I haven’t kept up with GunplaTV since your departure Sid but incredibly happy to see you again on the May 1st episode!!

    The articulation of the verniers on this RG Tallgeese is ridiculous!

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