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Wasting no time after putting up the First Look post for the RG Tallgeese EW I threw in the Last Jedi Blu Ray and sat down for a lengthy build session. Like with almost all RGs to date we start with the feet.

These feet frames look nothing like the RG feet frames I’ve seen so far.

They don’t have the articulation points in the toes, instead it’s the ankle that has the moving joint.

Onto that frame put a couple dark armour parts and one white one.


On the ankles you’ll add these circles.

There’s the feet finished so we move onto the legs. Let me grab that leg frame from the B runner.

Err. Those are the leg frames?

I guess I’ll bend them prior to assembly like I always advise people to do with RG kits.


I’m building both legs at the same time at this point so I’ll need frame parts.

I’ll need to put on stickers too. The T shaped ones.

They’ll go on this very small T shaped jutting frame area.

With the stickers in place you lay the B frame on.

Grab a smaller frame part for the upper leg and get that in there.

These frame sections will be joined by two more parts that go on the sides of the what will be the knee.

But wait! I need to apply stickers.

Sticker number 13. This sticker has two foil areas joined by a transparent portion of sticker. Looking at the manual, I’m meant to put it onto the frame part before I use it to hold the leg together. Um, but the image shows me putting a sticker on a piece that is only half the surface area.

How am I meant to do that?

I have a better idea. Let me put that joint together and then put the sticker on.

But that bendy piece of B frame will be in the way. Unless I do this.

I’ll put the joint together but leave the B frame unhooked until after I put the sticker on. This will give me the space I need to apply that sticker.

One issue however, is that the area of the frame that will be covered by the transparent portion of the sticker is not flat.

How do you get a sticker onto that surface?

I’ll have to cut this one sticker into two smaller ones, leaving the transparent part off.

That aligns and fits much better.

With the stickers satisfactorily in their positions I’ll get this leg frame back as it should be.

Obligatory shot showing articulation.

With the knee bent you can see the stickers.

Now that I’ve got those leg frames assembled I now focus my attention on the right leg.

Build and attach the hip joint and the knee cap.

You need to plug the hip joint onto its peg facing the opposition direction.

Then swing it 180 to secure it in place. After that you get to place on the upper rear armour.

Before putting on any more armour attach the foot by plugging in the ankle frame into the lower leg.

But before you do that lay this white part on.

That part just lies there?

That’s not very secure.

Build the armour for the lower front of the leg.

That will go on along with the armour for the rear of the lower leg and upper front.

With the two lower armour sections on you can then push up on that loose piece and snap it into its proper place.

Onto the sides of the knee you’ll place more armour.

Then the larger portion of the front of the knee.

And there we go!

Tallgeese leg x 1!

And x 2!

Let’s see what we can see of those stickers we put on at the beginning.

Those legs didn’t take too long, though the sticker work added to it, but the night is still young so onto the Waist Unit.

There is no B frame part for the waist. Instead it’s all from the G Runner.

Okay, there’s a black part from the F runner and the yellow part from the A runner in there.

And more G parts.

The top part, onto which the skirt armour, will attach tilts side to side.

Add a vernier and the front white armour.

Notice how when the white piece tilts up the vernier extends.

Now for large armour piece that makes up both rear skirts. You’ll slap a thruster onto a frame piece and hook that on there.

There’s a sticker that goes on the frame piece.

You hook the frame piece onto one of the ball joints at the top of the armour piece.

Once on flip it over.

Repeat for the other side.

Once that’s all done cover it up with shiny white parts.

Plug it onto the back of the waist unit.

For the side skirts you take two white parts and apply a sticker on each.

And a sticker goes onto two frame parts as well.

The white part attaches to the frame by hooks at the top.

Plug a small frame post into the center.

Attach another frame part via a ball joint and then put om the shiny white part.

That frame part you attached via a ball joint? That attaches to the Waist Unit via a ball joint.

Then a white part goes on.

Here is the completed Waist Unit.

Normally, you’d plug the legs into the waist unit at this point but I’m going to hold off for now and go watch Rey and Kylo fight a room full of guys in red, full-body rain suits.


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  1. Dan says:

    Wow, they did take the MG kit and shrink it to 1/144 scale but somehow add more gimmicks. Very impressive. I can see painting the inner frame and thrusters but leaving the white parts as is with some panel lining.

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