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This is the last WIP post for the MG F91 Ver. 2.0. It’s been a nice little ride that I’ve taken my time to enjoy. All that’s left are the weapons and the stand. That means I get to open the last runner bag.

Here are all the frame parts I need for the weapons and the stand. Let’s start with the Beam Rifle.

Two frame parts go together with the armour dropping on over top. I like the look of the rifle which is created by a unique mold with several gaps.

It’s then that you’re instructed to put the sticker on.

Maybe that would have been easier before the adding the white part.

I guess we’ll never know.

Add the second grip, a small white part to go on over the just-applied sticker, and the barrel and that’s it.

Nothing extravagant but decent enough.

Now for the Beam Launcher. For that you have two long halves. Attach the grip and insert a very small circular white part into the middle.

Not sure what purpose that small white part has but it will be good for people who like adding touches of colour.

You’ll lay in one long frame part before closing it up.

And then another sticker.

For the launching end of the weapon you add these parts.

These can only attach one way. …unless you force it which I don’t advise.

One more armour part.

Now for two more frame parts.

These will snap on and have the ability to open and close slightly.

Add the ammo canister. I guess this holds the beams..

Two more parts go the rear end to finish it off.

And now for the all-new stand!

Which is just two parts.

That was easy.

I wish I could get my hands on the LED.

Need to contact my contacts in Japan.

I thought I was all done and then I noticed these left on two of the armour runners.

I missed something?

Apparently, I did. Way back in the first section of the build during the assembly of the torso there is this shot.

Alright. Let me pull this apart.

I thought I’d just slide those white parts in between the parts already in place but those popped off as soon as I pulled off the large backpack armour piece. So I’ll do it like I’m supposed to and put the white parts in first and then put it all back together.

Yes, that does look a lot better.

I’m going to play with my F91 2.0 now.

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  1. Trifl says:

    Syd!! Are we gonna see a comprehensive review on this one by chance?

    • S2 says:

      That’s the plan. I actually was without my trusty laptop for a week due to a warranty issue. I’ve just received it back and can start on it, hopefully this weekend.

  2. saverio sassetti says:

    Umm…so… that review you speak of?
    It’s odd seeing you not posting for so long, is everything allright?

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