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I’m now on my favourite part of any build, the feet and legs, and those of the MG F91 Ver. 2.0 look appealing to me.

You start building two of everything.

Do you see that? Moving pistons!

That takes me back to a good place. One of the best, and earliest, memories for me was building the frame of a Zaku II 2.0 and working with moving parts in the frame.

Recent MGs have moved more towards looks and function and that means, in some cases, doing away with internals. Not on the F91 2.0.

Your F91’s feet will have some moving frame parts.

You’ll be adding yellow then white parts to the sides of the ankle area.

When you have the majority of the foot frame assembled you’ll add the red armour parts. The rear section attaches to a frame part before sliding on.

Add white parts in the next step.

Follow that up with the frame part for the bottom of the majority of the foot.

Then add the red parts that make up the front of the foot.

You’ll find a very large gate there.

Be careful cutting that or you may remove some of the piece.

That finishes the foot and next you move to the legs.

You’re assembling the upper leg/knee area. The manual instructs you to place parts like so.

You’ll need two of these assemblies.

And two of these.

You’ll take these and insert them into one of the frame parts that make up the length of the lower leg.

Now for the cool goldish, I mean ‘orange’, piece.

This lays inside of the frame and will almost completely be covered when you close up the lower leg.

I do like that effect and working with this colour piece reminds me of many of the frame parts found on the PG Strike Freedom kit.

Once you’ve closed up the frame you push the fins into place.

Then you can start adding armour.

The ankle armour is interesting in that it clicks into the bottom of the lower leg frame but there is a gap due to the connecting piece for the foot being further up the leg.

At this stage you’re also informed you need to place a sticker.

A small one. You need to place it inside the yellow triangle.

I would have preferred they let me know that when I was putting that yellow piece in place. It would probably look better if you applied the sticker onto the white before putting the yellow triangle piece around it.

Assemble a couple of hip joints.

Plug those into the upper leg.

Then you can put on the thigh armour.

Hmm, it seems the armour can’t close up.

When I put the hip joint in place it looked, and felt, like I’d inserted it all the way however, being unsatisfied with this gap in the armour I applied a little more pressure and felt it click in that extra millimeter.

That’s better.

With the entire leg done you can attach the foot.

On the back of the leg there is a little raised area you can press on to open up the hatches.

That’s cool!

Here’s the extent of the articulation in the knee.

Bending it completely will affect how much the top hatch opens, but only slightly.

I also notice that the knee joint moves a bit inside the lower leg. It makes straightening the leg a bit of an exercise but I think this is meant to enhance its posing.

The legs were a lot of fun but I can’t do much with them until I’ve got the waist unit assembled. That is next.

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  1. GBD says:

    Are those frame parts for the pistons and their housing ABS? That’ll be annoying to paint…

  2. Cakra Parindra says:

    Syd, are the ankle articulations really that limited? Can the toe bend downward like most MGs?

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