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We’re finishing up the body of the MG F91 Ver. 2.0 with this post. It’s interesting to think that this small MG has given us four WIP posts so far.

I need a waist for those legs I assembled last time. It starts like this.

I’ll put the small piece onto the upper part that is sticking out towards the front.

From there I’ll add the large leg peg parts to both sides.

Check out how much this skirt frame moves.

More frame parts then go on. These will hold on the pieces into which you’ll attach the side skirts.

After that attach a frame piece that will house the front skirts.

Now we can start adding some white armour. But just this piece.

It will clip onto this equally small frame part and then be placed between some red and a larger white part that makes up the majority of the center block.

I like this design. On other MGs you may have been given one solid part and had to panel line to get this effect.

2.0 indeed.

Front skirt.

The customiser in me sees a design like this and thinks, ‘Cool. I can paint these small trim parts and give it a little more colour.’ I can appreciate this type of build. (left unsaid, ‘But when was the last time I painted…’)

Here are all three sections of the front armour.

To make the rear you take these parts.

You’ll also need these two small parts.

This fits onto the larger frame part and then the large armour piece goes on.

Then this.

And this.

Notice how when you slide down the lower part and open the hatch the holder for the weapon is revealed.


Now for the side skirts.

You do not build these x 2.

One frame part and one armour part go together.

Then you make up what will fill that hollow.

That yellow piece appears to be curved slightly so you need to make sure you put it on properly. The manual tells you how to do that.

You have the corresponding sections.

But you need this thing you build some time ago when assembling the arms.

Remember you built two.

This fits into the hollow space.

After that you can close it up.

Then start the process agin.

Notice how the frame part for this side skirt is different than the previous. This is why you’re not assembling x 2.

You have a small frame part to insert into that circle.

It then swings down flat.

Even the frame part for this step is different.

That’s due to it housing the Beam Sabre handles.

There we go.

Now we can assemble the lower body.

And with the upper body assembled that means we can make a humanoid form.


One thing missing though.

The V.S.B.R. Units!

Assemble both at the same time starting like this.

Start adding armour.

Push those parts on forcefully enough they click into their proper places so there is no gap between them.

And the long blue parts that have been sitting there from the beginning.

You lay the frame into that blue part.

Prepare the armour parts for the bottom pieces.

Put them on along with the top.

Then the parts for the end of the barrel.

Open and closed versions.

Either one can go on either side of the backpack. I chose to place them depending on how many gate marks face outwards (the fewer the better).

There we go.

Oh yeah!

Just have the weapons and a stand left. Should be done by the weekend.

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  1. john says:

    hey i supposed you forgot a white armor piece at the outside left ankle.. btw, nice builds!

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    Great building, but, if I’m allowed to point it out, there’s a white piece missing on the left ankle, around the external yellow went…

    • S2 says:

      That always falls off. I am aware of it and will be commenting on that in the review. Only that one of the four falls off. All others are fine.

  3. Paul Emical* says:

    It was on in part 3.
    Maybe it fell off during assembly?

    Ciao Alberto, da dove scrivi? 😉
    [/OFF TOPIC]

  4. Alberto from Italy says:

    Off topic
    @Emical: Lombardia, vicino Milano! 😉
    Off topic mode off before Mr. Syd says bad things about us! ;))))

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