Gaijin Gunpla

The MG Jegan may not be the most complex kit around but I’m going to enjoy my time with it.

Starting now.

Here is the pilot and seat which interestingly plugs into the main body piece via the chair plugging onto a single peg in the frame.

It almost seems like the pilot seat can swing around that circular opening. That would be so cool. Alas,

How it connects at the bottom prevents this.

The neck joint that will attach to the frame features a separate moving part for the ball joint.

The whole unit slides into the top of the torso frame before you close it up.

The lower part of the frame for the torso consists of these parts.

This connects via a large peg plugging into backwards-facing space at the bottom.

Shoulder pegs.

And that’s the upper body… frame.

Yup, I’ve decided to build the frame first and then afterwards apply all the armour. This will extend the longevity of the build and give me more hands-on time to appreciate the build. Though, I thought that torso would have a few more parts. Why did I think that?

Because there seems to be some colour in the chest from the image on the side of the box. That is kind of deceptive.

Oh, I have to add the cockpit hatch.

And here’s the head.

He’s a mono-eye!

I find attaching the head to the neck ball joint is easiest by sliding it on from the side rather than pushing it down onto the ball.

I think if I had the armour on, though, I wouldn’t be able to do it like that.

Here are the frame parts for the lower arms.

And here’s where I point out that there are no poly-caps in this build. None were in the torso, and on the lower arms, where we would normally see one for the hands, there is only a plastic part that will accept the hand ball-joint.

Elbows and upper arms.

Articulation without the armour.

Let’s see how that goes when the armour goes on.

Shoulder connection.

And here is the joint for the wrist.

And the MP hands.

I’m breaking out, or off rather, the armour part for this stage.

And for the shoulders.

You get to add some yellow.

Now I can make a very slender upper body.

That went together nice and nice and quick and I’m already looking forward to the next portion, my favourite, the legs.

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