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Back to working on the MG Jegan and if you read the first WIP post you’ll remember that I’ve decided to go with assembling the full frame first before I do anything about the armour.

Before we can get to the legs we need to assemble that section to which they will attach, the waist.

This is a pretty standard design as far as MG waists go but I will point out that this small piece that will be used to connect to the peg at the bottom of the torso is not a poly-cap.

Well, that’s the waist. Let’s revisit it once the legs are done. I’ve got feet to assemble now!

A small frame part, which is not a poly-cap, fits in between the two large frame parts. You’re also fitting a yellow piece for the toes at the same time.

After that you add a very large piece which makes up the entire sole of the foot.

It looks like he’s going to be a sturdy guy.

Ankle joints.

Plug those into your feet.

Hip joints.

I like the detail on this joint construction’s middle piece, though you’ll not see most of it once the joint is fully assembled.

With the feet (frames) and joints done assembly of the leg itself can begin starting with the knee area and these two parts.

That, and a small piece that would normally be a poly-cap, will sit inside the frame parts that make up the thigh.

You’ll also assemble a thruster unit, one thruster per leg.

Those colour inserts remind me of the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka.
The thruster will pivot somewhat on the ball joint.

Now for the long lower leg frame parts.

A fairly large part fits into the bottom of the lower leg frame. This will be what you plug the ankle joint into.

Nice articulation in this frame.

The knee even bends the opposite direction somewhat.

Whether it will be able to do that once the armour is on is something we have to wait to find out.

More frame parts go on around the calf area. This is where you start assembling only the right leg after working on both legs up to this point. These parts are what the thruster unit fits into.

The only movement for this thruster is at the end of the ball joint. The unit you fitted into the frame is secured tightly and can’t pivot.

If you were to reshape that part however… hmm… Something to think about later.

Add the joint at the top to complete the frame.

Here are the completed legs.

Well, frame-completed legs. That may be a Gunpla Term that I stick with. You have OOB builds, customs, mods, completed kits and now frame-completed kits.

Note to self; look into copyright.

Plug the frame-completed into your frame-completed waist.

Plug the torso onto that.


Let’s see if I can get him to pose like he is in the middle of the manual which shows him down on one knee.

I’m liking this guy.

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  1. maui says:

    hmmmm liking it , reminds me when I build a zaku like to do that kinda build frame first

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    Reminds me of the Iron Giant, with that small head! 🙂

  3. Alberto from Italy says:

    So… Are those lovely pistons in the lower legs just fakes? What a pity…

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