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Does it feel like this, too, caught us by surprise? I know the Jegan is one Mobile Suit that Gunplars wanted in 1/100 scale but it didn’t seem like an MG was how we would see it. If I recall correctly, when the RE/100 line was announced it started with the Nightingale and at that time they were listing other MS that we had a possibility to see in that lineup. I think I recall the Jegan being in there at one point.

Well, the RE/100 Jegan never came but instead, some years later, we have the MG Jegan.

This big box MG follows up the MG F91 2.0 that I was surprised to see release in a big box. There isn’t much to this grunt suit, and if it released in a small box I wouldn’t have been shocked at all, but here we are in the big box category.

Upon opening the box it looks like it will be quite easy to separate what’s what.

Here’s all the armour runners which are a whole lot of green.

And a different colour of green.

Here are the frame runners. Interestingly, the frame of the Jegan is all black and not the gray we are used to with other kits.

The weapons are also black.

Found the head!

Here is everything else.

Oh? The hands.

The look familiar.

When was the last (and first?) time I saw the MP hands?


This image shows the frame.

‘I don’t recall seeing silver and gold parts in the box’, he says when he sees the ankle area in this colour manual image.

Marking guide and markings.

I imagine this Jegan will go together quite quickly.

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  1. Troy Buttke says:

    This is one kit I am looking forward to a lot. I would have definitely preferred to see the RGM-89D, but the original will still work for me. If they release the Unicorn version later (no doubt as a P-Bandai), I will definitely be getting that. Same for an inevitable Stark Jegan.

    • Paul Emical* says:

      I foresee a sh!tl0ad of P-Bandai variants in our future…

      • Troy Buttke says:

        Unfortunately, yeah. I hope for at least one or two wide releases from this kit, but I have little expectation. The Jegan D and De are almost certainly out. Stark seems possible, with the prototype being P-Bandai. But we did get how many GM variants on the regular kit, three? The Sniper II, Sniper Custom, and Command. That pales in comparison the the P-Bandai variants though.

        I definitely will get the D and Stark in whatever form they come in though.

      • NoBlueZaku says:

        It wasn’t the Command that was P-Bandai so the more bland Colony Type with it’s single weapon could be put out us for poor plebs, if any Jegans get mass releases they will be bland and possible while the famous Stark gets locked in P-Bandai prison.

      • Paul Emical* says:

        @Troy Buttke:
        True. We had regular Sniper II, Sniper Custom and Command Colony type, whereas P-Bandai put out (until now, at least):
        – Sniper II White Dingo
        – GM II
        – Command Space Type
        – Sniper Custom Tenneth Yung custom
        – GM Dominance
        – GM White Dingo Custom
        – GM Cannon
        – GM Cannon North American Front Custom
        – GM Cannon White Dingo Custom

        …and I’m quite certainly missing something. Even if we don’t count recolors, we still have more P-Bandais than regulars. Odds are it will be the same for the Jegans, which for me (I live in Italy) means paying through the nose for preoredring P-Bandai’s abroad.

      • Troy Buttke says:

        @Paul Emical*

        There are actually two variants of the GM I, the regular Z version and the Unicorn version. They actually have some differences in bits too.

        I have the Sniper II White Dingo, GM Dominance, and I am getting the Cannon White Dingo. I haven’t decided if I want the GM White Dingo. I do love the GM kits. They go together we’ll.

        Ultimately, I love grunt suits altogether. I have been waiting for the Jegan for a long time. I definitely could see getting it in at least two variants. I love the Unicorn version and the Stark Jegan. I could see them releasing it the D in General Revil colors too, to be honest.

  2. Kenkenobi02 says:

    Hello I’m just wondering what happen to the pg exia?

  3. NoBlueZaku says:

    Does any piece go on the monoeye? The HG can’t have more detail there right?

  4. agni says:

    Jegan, Nemo and all these greenish variants irk me a bit because I just like associating green with Zion. Although nothing screams fireworks material better than green…

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