Gaijin Gunpla

So I’m not just blasting through the MG Jegan build but instead building the frame first to be followed up with the armour in whatever order I choose.

The frame is all done. Or is it? I’ve still got the backpack to do.

That starts with these.

Pretty straight forward stuff these two.

The backpack contains one very large thruster that has an inner liner.

And two more smaller thrusters which also have the yellow inside pieces.

Those two smaller thruster assembles fit onto the sides of the larger one.

I’m leaving armour off where I can so I’ll just join up what that gives me.

Fortunately, I don’t have to have any armour on the back of the Jegan in order to attach the backpack. It just slots into this large cavity in the frame.

Frame-complete Jegan. Now with backpack!

And that wraps up the body. Now for the weapons. Most of the parts for those are found on this runner.

These are really simple with not many parts involved.

Bandai could even cut out a part if they molded that narrow ammo clip as one piece instead of two.

The shield involves more parts but isn’t complex in any way.

You have two small red parts to place onto the frame section of the shield before putting on the final armour piece.

Those red parts clip in a very certain way.

All that’s left is to add the grip/connection.

And that’s it. Simple weapons for a simple MS.

But I still have some time. What will I do?

I guess I can start with the armour. Rather than starting again at the beginning of the manual I’m going to go in the order I choose. Let’s start here.

I pulled the head off but the neck joint came as well. A quick glance at that part of the manual indicates that shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s armour up this head.

Here’s the facemask.

I don’t have to panel line this one before putting it on. There are no recesses moulded in.

Add the visor and top.

Now to use parts from the ‘other’ green runner for the first time.

There’s that head we all know and most of us love.

While I’ve got that other green runner out I think I’ll take this piece.

It needs to go no before I can reattach the head.

I guess I can armour up the torso while I’m at it. That means popping it off.

That middle piece of armour has to line up very specifically to get it on all the way.

Be aware of this when you’re building the kit because if you don’t have the alignment correct and you push it strongly you could bend or break the outside edges of the green armour.

Red cockpit hatch.

And I can clamshell the large armour parts on while I’m at it.

I’ll need to add the shoulder joint covers on first.

There are some small parts to place into the torso chest vents.

Cut these out cleanly! You can see the mistake I made.

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