Gaijin Gunpla

Sitting down for another session on my MG Jegan and I wasn’t sure exactly how it would go. I have only to put armour on but the question is in what order I will do.

This is how he was when I sat down to do ‘something’ to him.

So I started with the arms and that mean I needed to pull them off.

That took only a couple minutes.

I plugged the arms back on and then put the armour parts onto the shoulders.

The back of shoulders involve a small piece that fits into the space which, if it were the front of the shoulders, we would put the yellow circles. I approached this two different ways. On one shoulder I put the small part on first and then the larger armour piece. On the other shoulder I did it in the opposite order.

Here is how it looks when the small part when on last.

And here is how it looks when it went on first.

What do you think?

That’s it for the upper body.

Now let’s see if I can put all the armour on the feet without disconnecting them from the lower leg. The toes go on easy enough.

The other armour parts, particularly the larger one that covers the front of the foot, may be a different story.

But I did it!

I had to stretch the sides apart slightly to get it to fit around the ankle joint.

Will I have to do the same with the second green colour parts?

Nope. Those went on no problem.

Before continuing on the leg, I think it best to put the armour parts on the waist. In it’s current state the frame assembly for the waist will start to come apart when you move the legs around. I’ll prepare the larger part first.

Then the front center block.

One piece for the rear.

For the legs I’ll start with the easy part, the thigh.

After that I’ll get out the parts for the side of the leg.

The part meant for the outside needs to have this little yellow part placed inside of it before going on.

It lays inside there. I wonder if it’s easier to place the yellow part onto the frame and then put the armour on.

Yes, it is.

One part goes on around the back of the lower leg.

You’ll need to be sure you’ve squeezed the previous side parts together as far as they can go. And also that you’ve got the right piece to fit onto these unique pegs.

Place the piece on the front.

And then the kneecap.

Now for the side skirts. I haven’t done anything with these yet. First comes the left side.

Then the right side, which happens to hold the beam saber.

There we go.

Here he is.

Still need that backpack. Can I get it together without taking it apart somewhat?

Let’s try.

A very large piece goes on the underside.


Now for the armour parts that cover the side thrusters.

And one piece on the back.

There we go.

There he is! Mr. Jegan.

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  1. M Paquette says:

    Nice. Thanks for this. I have mine at HLJ, awaiting shipment. This preview gives me a nice idea what to expect. I just need to decide on what I want to use as a paint scheme.

  2. Danforth Vista says:

    ya know, it feels like MGs today are just a little bit away from being like those REs. there’s so little separation on the armor parts or colors unlike before.

    • NoBlueZaku says:

      It’s 100% faithful to the original Jegan design which seems like it was made to be very easy to paint when it came to the original CCA kits, the 2.0 UC MGs went for accuracy too but that didn’t stop them from having armor separation and detailed inner frames with moving pistons, the fake pistons this kit has is just goofy for a MG.

      • emul8ter25 says:

        I don’t think the fake pistons are a big deal on this kit as it is impossible to see them with the armor on.
        On other MG’s you can actually see them at the ankle or knees.

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