Gaijin Gunpla

I’m shocked!

Totally blown away.

My RG Sazabi was on its way and I figured it should arrive today. Imagine my surprise when I got home and there was a very large box on the floor in the hallway, much bigger than I expected. I’ve built enough Real Grade kits, all of them actually, to know the standard box size. Immediately my heart rate increased. Rather than waiting I ripped open the box right there and confirmed what my imagination had gotten carried away with.

The world’s first big box RG!


Look at that width.

All that extra real estate on the larger box was put to good use as well.


Not wasting any time I started opening up the runner bags. Let’s go in order otherwise I may be all over the place.

A runner.

B runner.

Remember the RG Sinanju and how we thought we’d get a new frame only to learn it was the frame for the RG Mk-IIs with extra parts thrown in? Sazabi has its own frame, the Advanced MS Joint 13! Granted there isn’t much on that runner. I shouldn’t be surprised.

Now for the red runners.




Two x E.

Two x F.

That’s a lot of red.

Now for frame runners, which are just as numerous.



And hands!

Two x H.

I know what these are.

Two x I.

I really like the low angle shots of runners. Parts just seem to go on forever.

Two x black K runners.

And two J runners.

These look familiar.

That’s a lot of stuff!

Now for some manual shots.

Man, I love this MS.

Let’s bask in the amount of stuff again.

When I saw the size of the box, and then the amount of runners, I thought there would be a thick manual as well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

19 pages. Not bad.


I’m so hyped.

Here’s the marking guide and the markings.

And there you go. I can’t wait to start on it and, ah hell, I’m diving in now!


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  1. harold says:

    keep forgetting that Sazabi has black tanks and it’s the Shinanju that has the white tanks. Wish you included something in the box photo to give us a sense of scale 😉

  2. DraconicDak says:

    Whoa! Look at the sculpting on the inner frame pieces!

    I wasn’t sure I needed this after the masterpiece was was the MG Ver. Ka, but now I understand. I need to build this with exposed, painted frame.

  3. evora460 says:

    When the RG line started the big gimmick was the Advanced MS Joints but I guess recently Bandai doesn’t feel like developing new frames for RGs anymore.

    • Lars says:

      Is that why they have a new frame in this one?

      • Echo says:

        I think it’s clear that evora was referring to the relatively complete frames composed of the Advanced MS joints – as the picture showed, there’s what appears to be a waist, and a couple pieces of the shoulders. That’s far from what I’d call a “frame”, new or otherwise.

  4. Alberto from Italy says:

    Guys, may I ask a question, please, just to know what your opinion is? Well, is having the pre-moulded frame THAT impotant for you when building an RG? In other words, are pre-moulded frames so distinctive of the RGs you don’t feel a kit is an RG when the frame is not pre-moulded?
    In my opinion, the final result is what does matter: if I get a model that is perfectly detailed, fully articulated, and given all the gimmicks which are supposed to be found on this kit, I don’t care at all whether I must build the inside frame piece by piece too or if I must not.
    The RG is not just a working pre-moulded inside frame, in my humble opionion, of course; it is an 1/144 kit working in an astonishing certain way and looking gorgeous when completed, not caring of how I come to get that final result.

    What do you think of it, please?

    Mr Syd, if I’m allowed to ask, do the didas on the box say if the photographed kit is painted, please?

    • Ragnaroc715 says:

      To your first question about the frame, it can feel that way depending on how its done. The pre-molded frames were/are a big selling point of the RG series. For me personally, as long as the kits have a good level of detail than I’m not going to be too worried about it.

      What I was worried about was how they were going to deal with the frame on the Sazabi since the Sinanju was just such a grenade. And I do think the Tallgeese was a good example of less is better since it is such a simple design it doesn’t need a crazy amount of inner frame design.

      Not sure what didas are but I do think they say somewhere that the kits in the pictures are painted and detailed.

    • Charlo says:

      I actually prefer when it’s not pre-moulded because I find it easier to paint or detail.

      • Flo says:

        I also prefer to build the frame myself. I absolute appreciate the engineering and find it fascinating, but at last I like to build it all myself

    • S2 says:


      You make a good point. My appreciation for the RG frame goes back to the first RG kit releases. They gave us a new type of model with a new type of frame that ended up looking amazing. We are still getting amazing looking RG kits but it seems Bandai has moved further and further away from one of the key draws to the new line. That said, some of these RG releases require moving away from that frame.

      As to your last question, see the next post.

    • Echo says:

      Alberto, if you squint and/or zoom in, you can see that the little blurb on the box in one of the pictures says something to effect of “The kit in the photos was given a panel lining and top coat, but was not painted at all.” I know the Unicorn says the same thing on it’s box, though I can’t tell you if all the RGs have said this from the start.

      • Alberto from Italy says:

        Thanks everybody for your answers.

        I zoomed but the writings were blurred a bit from my mobile, so I had preferred to ask.

        If this is the actual final result without painting (I’ m in the abit of always painting my kits) this model is going to be more than gorgeous. Great! Already thinking of a diorama if the Nu is going to be released.

  5. Charlo says:

    Thanks for the unboxing Syd! Is it true that some armour parts are undergated?

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