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Hot on the heels of Part 5 comes Part 6. It’s not often I get this many posts in one RG WIP but the RG Sazabi is a different animal altogether.

So now it’s time for that unmistakable Sazabi head.

Create the round cockpit first.

Into that insert the clear monoeye piece and then add the sticker.

Combine a clear visor piece with the facemask.

Then connect the facemask to the cockpit and then place on the largest armour part.

Another clear piece goes into the part that makes up the front of the head.

That clear part is small and oddly shaped so it’s not easy to get it in.

Once it’s in add the sticker.

You’ll need a very small frame piece for the next step.

That frame part connects to an armour piece onto which you’ll also attach the horned piece.

It’s at this step where you will find out if you inserted the clear part correctly. If not then there will be a gap between the armour parts. You’ll know it’s in correctly if you can get those parts together.

I advise getting to this stage before putting on the green sticker.

Two parts make up the head spike.

Now everything needs to go together.

And there he is.

Shot from below to show how he connects to that shoulder peg.



One thing left to build on this MS, the backpack. Just like the Sazabi itself, it is very large. And yet, you’re starting with six rather small things.

Insert one frame part into another.

Very specifically.

Once inserted retract sligthtly.

I feel I could have used a ‘That’s what she said’ joke in here somewhere.

Add four flaps and then the top.

You lay the flaps in their positions.

But given they cover the entire circumference of the circle you’ll need to hold them in place with your fingers until you get the top part on.

One down.

Shortly afterwards.

Some time later.

Five pin bowling.

Now we will work on the part of the backpack which stores those funnels.

The black part takes a sticker.

The frame part fitting inside can slide out slightly.

With those two parts prepared we can now begin work on the…

Right side.

These two parts join.

Into a black part you’ll insert that with the peg at the bottom of the frame part to one specific side.

Then add the frame piece.

Loving the level of detail.

Now add the side doors to the first section you assembled.

Note the areas of these doors that act as the hinge.

They aren’t just flat but have a narrowing end. Hmm.

Drop that into the large black piece.

Now plug in three of your funnels.

Repeat for the second one but note that the connector peg will be facing the opposite direction as that of the first one.

Work on the main part of the backpack starts with these parts which includes a large thruster.

That top frame piece moves.

You will insert that into a large black piece.

After that take two frame parts and join them together.

Insert that frame into the black part from behind.

You’ll then place a frame piece on to of the thruster section.

Push it down into place.

Now for a series of black armour parts.

Tilting that top part up pushes out the thruster.

You have a black part to put on each side but there is a trick to it. You are meant to put in the small hinge area first and then swing it down.

However I couldn’t get that to feel like it would work properly and I didn’t want to stress the thin black pieces. What I ended up doing was moving it in reverse of what the manual said. First, I laid it in the position it would be in when closed.

Then I moved it upwards into its open position slowly with some pressure applied until it got to a point where the hinge section pushed into place. From there I moved it back down into its intended position.

Make two of these.

And plug them in.

Now pop on the left and right funnel launchers.

And there you have it.

It mounts securely thanks to the large pegs on the back of the Sazabi which fit in here.


Only weapons remain.

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  1. Trysh says:

    Looking great and intimidating. How big is this RG compared to his MG counterpart(since I only have the MG for now)?

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