Gaijin Gunpla

Part 6 saw the finished MS and now, for part 7, we are finishing up the RG Sazabi WIP posts with those monster weapons.

The rifle consists of two sides with the handle and a red piece in between them.

Once I put the side parts together I’m not going to have much access to the red part again so I’m going to take a minute and do this.

It will need to add a sticker as well.

It goes on the bottom.

Once you put that sticker on you’ll cover it up with the one of the parts that fits on the bottom.

You’re adding the barrel as well at this stage.

And there it is.

The two beam sabers are easy enough.

And the axe is pretty straight-forward as well.

It looks like the black parts could be adjustable.

I’ll look into that more later.

Now for the best part, the shield.

Oh, baby.

Onto the back of the shield you’ll connect this frame part.

Then slide it up to the top.

Flip it over and add a couple stickers to the front.

The lone yellow piece is then fitted between those two stickers.

Then the large black part to finish off the front.


A couple more frame parts will join the one you’ve previously put on the back.

And some missiles for the bottom.

There we go.

Me likey.

I’ve still got more stuff to assemble. Hands with joints at the writs.

The manual tells you how to use them.

There are three in total but you are left with some parts that could have gone towards a fourth.

And don’t forget these.

This review is going to be fun!

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  1. Alberto from Italy says:

    Really surprised with the red axe… Shouldn’t it be dark grey? Ok, it can be painted; but its shape will not make things easy and I guess some primer will be essential in order to turn red into grey… Unexpected on an RG, really.

    • saverio says:

      Should be easy to paint, just use a clip on the top peg and paint the cap separately

    • Iki says:

      It’s supposed to be red?
      At least that’s how it is in all the shows, art, and on the old models.

      • Stephen says:

        The ver. Ka’s tomahawk is full grey. Some of the artwork (including older MG) has it as mostly red, with part of the handle being grey/black. The “discrepancy” is interesting.

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