Gaijin Gunpla

Already at WIP # 2 for the RG Sazabi. That’s a pretty good pace for me since I ‘retired‘ and moved away from Japan.

If you read the first post in the build I stopped after assembling all the X 2 areas of the legs so from here I’ll be working on the right leg.

For that I’ll assemble the hip joint.

That hip joint will now fit into the armour for the upper legs. You also feet in the knee joint you assembled previously.

Here’s a shot showing how much travel there is in the knee at this point.

Bending it like that allows better access to this area.

And that’s good for this reason.

Yup, another sticker for the frame is found there.

Next take the lower leg frame you’ve assembled so far and add a tiny piece.

Then get the lower leg section you’ve already assembled and connect that to the upper leg/knee joint you’ve got.

The piston is meant to move along a groove when the knee bends.

You can finally close up the lower leg and finish the leg frame.

And you’ll add more stickers.

You can then join the completed leg frame to your fully completed foot.

From here you’ll be applying the armour but I wanted to do something else first. I wanted to build the frame for the left leg so I could enjoy armourless legs for a little longer.

The hip joint for the left leg is comprised of the same parts as that of the right hip joint with the only difference being the center piece is flipped around.

Check out my leg frames.

Now I’ll back up a few steps and put the armour on the upper leg.

I like the details.

A double jointed thruster.

This clips onto a bar found on the side of the lower leg.

Check out my jointedness (yes, I made that work up).

Of course, It’s not going to move that much when the armour is on but I wanted to show you that.

Now for the largest armour parts on the entire build, minus the shield.

These slide on from the side.

You have to be very precise when lining it up. You have a few slats to get right and a peg.

You’ll also need to make sure the undergates are trimmed completely.

If not, you’ll never get that joint closed.

Next up the knee parts.

More slats.

Now remember that small piece you placed inside the lower leg before closing it up?

You need to move that out.

Then you can attach that monstrous front armour piece.

Then tighten things up.

Now to add the side armour for the outside of the lower leg.

Frame leg and armoured leg.

Check that out!

Oh, baby.

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  1. Carlo says:

    Do I see that right? A piston in the knee??? 🙂 Typo btw, in the sentence above the second picture of the hip. ;P

  2. harold says:

    One of the things I appreciate Bandai started doing (don’t know since when) is punching holes in the armor pieces so that the frame ‘pins’ holding the armor show through. It’s a very clever way of adding accents to something that may look too toy-like, while being functional at the same time.

    • Sablenk87 says:

      I believe they already do that since long ago, but they did in the matter of ms design then they went crazy with Nu ver.ka then Sazabi ver.ka and after that there’s no turning back.

  3. evora460 says:

    Syd for the inevitable review could you do a size comparison with the MG Sazabi or with just an normal MG kit? I’m curious to see how this scales with other RG and MGs.

    • Stephen says:

      A few of the photo reviews that have popped up have shown comparison shots with the HG and MG ver Ka. Suffice to say, the Sazabi in any form is, and always will be, a beastly presence.

  4. Danforth Vista says:

    as an RG collector for some time now, i feel proud knowing that i see much more frame assembly in this line than the most recent MGs released *looking at you, jegan*

    this is where bandai excels in their model kits, the complexities and details they’re constantly improving for every release. some may be subtle, but it will always be their good point.

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