Gaijin Gunpla

Last Post we finished the legs so now we are preceeding to the waist. And the RG Sazabi has a big one of those as well.

The skirt design starts similarly to what we are used to seeing on MG kits.

Just want to point out that the fit for these parts is pretty tight. You’ll need some pressure to get the smaller piece onto it’s peg.

The plus side of that is you won’t have a lot of loose waist joints when you’re moving those heavy legs.

Before closing up the waist you’ll be inserting a yellow piece.

This can move.

Okay, now we finally are getting around to the Advanced MS Joint frame runner.

We are looking at the big whatever it is in the center.

Cut this out and then proceed to move the joints.

I think it looks like some kind of robo dog, or turtle here.

Oh no!

This attaches to the frame you’ve just assembled via a couple of frame parts that go on either end.

Now we get to start adding large red parts.

These two combine to make the center front area while another goes on to cover the yellow vents on the bottom.

They move!

Front skirts.

These attach going on like this.

Then they swing down.

Now for Sazabi’s sizeable posterior. Check out this frame part.

It needs something.

Seems like they are to go on this narrow vent like area.

Now to connect that to a large red piece.

It’s at this stage I connect it to the main waist frame.

Now grab another huge frame piece and add some yellow and some red.

Sazabi booty.

More stickers.

Onto this I’ll add some moveable frame pieces and their accompanying yellow parts.

More stickers go in here.

Attach these with them in the outwards position.

Add their respective frame parts.

Dat ass.

Love it.

Lastly the side skirts. Each is comprised of three frame parts.

And they extend.

You have two stickers to put on each as well.

Add the top red part and then the bottom.

Plug your legs into the waist frame.

It just looks so nice.

The side skirts go on similar to how the front skirts did.

This is how you’re instructed to put them on. Be sure they click in fully because as soon as you swing them down into their proper position they may come off. If that happens you’ll be trying to get the frame joint back up into the starting position in order to make a second attempt.

But it’s all worth it in the end!

Here’s an idea of just how big this guy is.

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  1. JY Ng says:

    The last photo reminded me of the RG Sinanju (it’s waist matches the height of RG Zephyrantes).

    Such a humongous model?

    • Alberto from Italy says:

      “Large is not the correct word. It is… huge!” 😉 Mr Syd, I know we’re already asking a lot about this kit, but… What anout a size comparison shoot with the RG Sinanju in the fina review, please?

      • Cloudrunner62 says:

        Owning both the MGs of the Sazabi and Sinanju, I can tell you there will be little difference in height. The Sinanju is like a slimmer, more refined, Sazabi.

  2. evora460 says:

    Hey Sid just something I saw in other reviews already and maybe something to mention in your own…for some reason the part that connects the top and bottom waist frames on the back is supposed to be able slide on a track on the bottom waist frame allowing the top waist frame to tilt up and down. However, the track is blocked by a part of the waist frame. One of the reviewers cut the extra frame off and was able to get the forward tilt to work.

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