Gaijin Gunpla

Rushed home the other day because the tracking number ASM had provided me showed the ‘Care Package’ he had sent me was waiting there. As soon as I got in the door I took off my shoes, changed into my casual clothes, washed my hands because if I didn’t there’d be trouble, and then finally ripped open that box.

If you didn’t read ASM’s guest appearance post about these 7-11 Gundams you can do so here.

So what is in this care package?

First things I pull out are the ‘F’ prizes.

And what are these?

MG RX-78-2 Core Fighters!

Several different kinds!

The box art shows you them all but let me see if I can clarify further.

F-1 Prize is…

Full clear!

F-2 Prize is…

The clear white, red, and blue one.

F-3 Prize is…

Dark green. I like this one. Looks like it is meant for the MG Full Armor Gundam, not to be confused with the MG FA Gundam Ver Ka (Thunderbolt Ver.)

There were doubles (triple?) of this one in the box.

F-4 Prize is…

…one I didn’t receive. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve been spoiled here. It looks like the F-4 would be the black one.

F-5 Prize is…

White and light blue. Something that looks like it belongs on the RX-78-3 G3.

Core Fighters for days!

The next boxes I pulled out were these.

These cool looking things that look like a section of runner we recognize are actually rubber keychains. I like your style, Bandai. We;ve got a Zaku II, a Z’Gok, a Rick Dom, and a Gouf.

Several of each!

(except for the Dom.)

And what’s this heavy thing?

It’s too heavy to be a rubber key chain. Box says it’s a…

…small dish!

I can put some soy sauce in there and have some sushi. But I probably won’t.

And the big prize from this care package sent to me by someone very caring is this!

An MG RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0 which they’ve dubbed ‘Last One’. Or, is it a play on words that they mean to call ‘Last Won’. It could be either due to a play on words, or a fumble of English.

This is what they call Solid Clear. From what I can tell this kit has a clear frame with colour armour parts, the blue parts having a nice effect.

I really like this 3.0 and I was recently feeling like I missed having mine around. That one was left in a display case in Japan and I’ve been thinking of having it shipped over to me. I guess I’ve settled down, somewhat, if I’m thinking of moving my Gundam in.

I think I’m ready to settle down. Get serious. Start a family. Move in with my Gunpla.

I won’t dive into these immediately though the 3.0 is really tempting. I’ll get to them intermittently while I’m working on other stuff.

I also have to find homes for these extras.

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  1. Agent Adam says:

    A very nice care package! I was able to get the “A” prize and should have it sometime next month!

  2. Santiago says:

    Man i wish i was able to be in japan to get myself one of the core fighters for my rx-78 who’s core fighter i broke, great post now i am able to know why these were being released

  3. Sheldon says:

    love the key chains! is it only available in japan?

  4. Syaafik says:

    I volunteer my home for 1 extra. :3

  5. It’d be nice to have a friend like ASM. Haha.

    Looking forward to seeing these things built.

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