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I haven’t lived in Japan for over a year now but I still am very much attached to what is happening there. All the news, music, movies, and games. And Gunpla. The internet means I am never far and in a click or two can be satisfying any Japan-centric cravings I may have.

And then sometimes people bring something to my attention that I might have missed.

I hadn’t thought of the All Japan Hobby Show in some time so was totally blindsided when an old coworker in Japan sent me the link to HobbyLink Japan’s All Japan Model & Hobby Show Sneak Peek.

More specifically they were pointing this out.

Yes, this December Bandai will be releasing another Perfect Grade. Yes, there have been annual PG releases the last few years but that wasn’t always the case. We had the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser in 2009 followed the next year by the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam in 2010 then there was a four year gap before the 2014 release of the PG Unicorn Gundam. So it’s good to see that we are back to annual PG releases particularly when you consider what Bandai is doing with them now.

Bandai has always tried to keep the lid on their releases until a couple months prior to the release date and it was the 2014 All japan Hobby Show that we were treated to the news of the PG Unicorn so the same thing is being done here. What is different, however, is that preorders for this new Perfect Grade are being taken with only the description we have is the name PG New MS A.

If I’m not mistaken, Bandai started using this type of description when they were bringing out the Iron-Blooded Orphans kits. In this way they were able to inform their distributors that products were coming and at the same time not reveal anything that would spoil the anime episodes. It’s possible something along those lines is happening with this Perfect Grade so what could it be?

Another point of interest pointed out to me by a friend in Japan; there is no scale listed. I think previous listings of New MS A or B (or C, D, E, etc) all had scales on them. So will this be a 1/60 scale kit? Oh the possibilities.

I guess I have to wait a month to find out.

Checking the HLJ Sneak Peek I did see this!

I remember when the MG Full Armour Unicorn was revealed. I was amazed at the prospect of the size of the box and all that plastic but non-too-thrilled about having to build the MG Unicorn again. However, I love the RG Unicorn so bring this one on!

I expect the box to be the size of the Sazabi’s and stuffed with all this stuff.

I think this will be my 6th RG Unicorn, if you count the Banshee and the alternative release box art. That’s not a complaint.

Can’t wait to find out what all will be revealed. It’s only a month away.

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  1. Harold says:

    still trying to figure out if “peak” was a wordplay on “peek”

  2. Charlo says:

    I love the Full Armor Unicorn but I would have preferred Bandai to release an RG Phenex instead.

  3. Martin says:

    Apparently the PG release is the 00 Seven Swords. Which is a semi dissapointment if you ask me.

    • S2 says:

      I’ve heard that rumour as well but I’m not convinced. For one, it’s not a ‘new’ MS. They already have a 00 Gundam PG. Variants like Trans Am versions or Seven Swords are usually P-Bandai releases.

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