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Not long ago I received a message from an ex coworker in Japan that consisted of only an image.

Wait. What?

Very shortly after I received a similar image from ASM which made me 1) wonder what the hell was going on, and 2) really upset that I couldn’t be part of what was going on.

And what was going on was this:

They were giving away 7-11 Gentei Gundam kits in lucky draws at 7-11 convenience stores!

Oh man! This is when I miss Japan most.

ASM kept me included with a kind of live journal, which basically consisted of him sending me image after image of his lucky draw results and me getting more and more envious.

I’m not in Japan so I wasn’t sure of all the details but you know who is?


And so I thought I’d ask him come back to the Gunpla blog fold with a special guest appearance here. Just like old times.

Take it away!

Hi all, ASM here! While most of you may not know me as I have my gunplar status set to semi-retirement, I still keep up with the scene and all the latest and greatest kits through GG. (mmm that RG Sazabi!) While I don’t actively pick up kits that much as to avoid building up my backlog even further, sometimes something comes along every once and a while that makes me stop and open that wallet without even thinking. This time? The latest offering from Ichiban Kuji, featuring a collaboration with Bandai offering MG kits. And yes, there is that magic word “gentei” involved.

For those who don’t know, the Ichiban Kuji format has been a format for getting limited edition goods that has grown extremely popular over the last couple of years here in Japan. Basically, you pay for the option to draw a ticket out of a box, and whatever is on the ticket, usually marked A to F, is what you get. From anime to games, this has seen a new goods market spring up in for hobbyists in Japan, as this means these are super limited sets, that are left to RNG (or chance, for non-mmo playing folks out there), as the there is usually only one A prize per set, versus 20 Fs for example. Usually the prizes run from figures, cups, keychains, even plush character goods, but imagine my surprise when I walked into a 7-11 late last month only to see the below.

It’s a Gundam kuji, but this time for actual MG kits! I did about three double-takes to confirm that they were indeed full MG kits, and in the back of my mind “gentei” floated up. Most “normal” methods of getting gentei kits comes from events such as Gunpla Expo, or location based like the Gundam Base in Tokyo, but even in those cases it is now fairly easy to get these kits, either online, through middlemen, and even Bandai themselves sometimes reissues these through their Premium Bandai service. But the kuji method for MG kits is new, and most definitely limited in amount. So yes, without hesitation, I opened up my wallet to purchase one chance, at 650 yen (around US $6) to walk home with a prize. And the gunpla gods were with me on this day as with one pull I managed to get the B prize, the MG Gundam version 3.0 (Solid & Clear / Reverse Version).

Now, getting that in one pull was a steal and I should have stopped while I was ahead, but it turns out while it really IS the full regular MG, they exclude the A runner for the core block (core fighter) in order to use that as the F prize. The F prizes themselves were all variant colors of the core fighter so… well, long story short, once that gentei fire starts burning…

Man I love that box art!!!

Now, I can’t leave my man GG out in the cold, and so I did a few extra pulls and managed to get nearly two sets of the F prizes (a few dups, but you may see these in future contests on Gaijin Gunpla..?) And as the last one prize and the B prize are the same thing, only with the last one having special “gentei” style box covering, I sent that along to him along with other things, which I am sure you will see more of shortly. So, enough from me, I’ll return you all to your regular host. Now, to find where I put my nippers…

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  1. Oh man. This is the kind of thing that makes me consider migrating to Japan. Haha.

  2. RX-78-1 says:

    You know, thanks to ASM for verifying what not one perosn on youtube was able to, that the B Prize and the Last One prize are exactly the same, save for the blue Premium Bandai styled box of the Last One. I picked up the F1-F5s already while trying to get a straight answer about the differences of the Ichiban Kuji RX-78-2s Ver 3.0s. Even eBay sellers do a poor job of describing the differences. The limited F Core Fighters are very easy to get. Thank you ASM for the concize break down! I think I’ll go with the Last One version (already have the B through ZenMarket) instead of Prize A for my next purchase.

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