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The reveal of the new Perfect Grade kit will be coming up in a couple of days. If you don’t know what I’m referring to check out the HLJ’s All Japan Hobby Show Sneak Peek post for the details as they are known so far.

I know when that PG is revealed I’m going to be boarding the hype train on a first class ticket and will have PG on the brain from now through until December. I’ll be finishing up on my PG Exia Lighting Model so I have it ready for the arrival of its newest brother (or sister?).

Which means I should probably use this lull to build something a little bit different. I’ve got just the thing!


As detailed in the Neko Busou Tenkomori + Namimori I’ve got some weaponized cats to put together. I’ll leave the big Tenkomori for now and start on the smaller Neko Busou Namimori.

Let’s start with A & B, or the cats Grey and Shiro.

Here’s A.

In the small box are two bags.

Where are the instructions? Still in the box somewhere?

On the inside of the box!

That means I have to completely unfold the box in order to build my Namimori.

And I can choose to build it in two forms.

So do I want Grey as a Neko Cameraman or in the Neko Launcher?

Well, seeing as he is Busou (armed) I can’t not go with the Launcher.

Speaking of Grey, there’s the handsome fellow.

Another interesting aspect of these kits, there are now part numbers on the runners.

And the instructions only show shapes.

I guess I’ve got to assemble two joints and something else.

That joint made up of the larger parts will connect to the pieces found on the end of the launcher.

Then some gray parts are put together.

From there, secure Grey in his cockpit (cat house?) and then add the launcher sections.

You can’t make this stuff up.

So what about B belonging to Ms. Shiro?

Shiro can have a Heli Neko Copter or the Neko Massage.

Again because the theme is Armed Cats I’m not going with the Massager, that’s for sure.

Opening up the box I see many of the same parts and the same start to the instructions.

Everyone meet Shiro.

She’s very lovely.

She has the same cat house.

And because the runner with the joints is the same you construct them exactly the same way.

Neko Heli!

Look at these two best friends.

Can’t wait to get Chatora and Kuro (C & D) here and have a huge kitten party.

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  1. Damien says:

    These neko feel like not much more than party favours atm. Dont get me wrong, i know a few women who would love a very dangerous neko on their worktable or something, but unless there’s a M1 Abrahms in the lineup somewhere, i may just leave these to the.. fanatics

  2. saverio says:

    Cat massage? Really?
    Now recruits, on the left of your rifle close to the trigger you should see a lever to switch firing mode.
    Right now should be on full auto, the top position, but you can also switch to semi, single shot or manicure.

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