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I like cats. I also like model kits.

Bandai seemed to have people like me (really, who doesn’t like cats?) in mind when they created their newest product, Neko Busou.

The packaging uses the hiragana ねこぶそう, which is easy enough to understand for people knowledgeable in Japanese, but if Kanji were used it would be 猫武装. Neko (猫) means cat and Busou (武装) means armament.

Cat Armament.

Those two things go together perfectly, right Japanese manager of product design!

These releases consist of two things. The first is what they call Neko Busou Tenkomori, which is one larger set with this product description:

This set’s featured kitty is named “Kutsushita” (Socks), a black and white cat in a standing pose who is described as getting sleepy when he feels the heat of a motor. He’s probably somebody’s pet.

Kutsushita comes equipped with a cat-specific military-style jacket to which you can attach a variety of armaments to create your own weaponized kitty!

I’m down with that. There definitely is a lot of stuff listed as being in that small box.

And there is definitely more runner bags than I expected.

There’s socks!

Check out the small instruction sheet.

After that, there are a total of four Neko Busou Namimori.

Again, I’ll let the product description do the talking.

A. Grey: The fastest learner of weapons use. Prepares the food at gatherings and takes photos. Comes with a launcher mecha set.
B. Shiro (White): Uses weapons to fly through the air. Gives the other cats massages. Comes with a heli-mecha set.
C. Chatora (Orange Tabby): Uses weapons to move around with crawlers and floats around in drones. Comes with a tank mecha set.
D. Kuro (Black): Surprises people in the neighborhood with his new ways of using weapons. Is highly motivated. Comes with a jet mecha set.

And it should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone with even the slightest experience with Japanese fun goods to learn that you can combine these Cat Armaments.

Sets A and B, I mean cats Grey and Shiro, can combine together to form Neko Glider or a vacuum cleaner. Because cats and vacuums go together like… cats and weapons?

Chatora and Kuro, that’s C and D, together form Neko heavy machinery or a vacuum robot. What’s with the fixation on vacuums?

Are there any other surprises these cats have for me?

I am going to find out.

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    Cats AND mechanized weapons… how can one not love the combo???

  2. Ferdinand Gunawan says:

    Aww, I thought that the Nekobusou series could be fitted onto Real cat…

  3. noob_sauce says:

    I do not like cats.

  4. Trysh says:

    Okay….how big are these when compared to gunpla? Bandai definitely got me baited to this.

  5. Elfenlied says:

    I just got mine. & i’m already excited!!

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