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I’ve got more Neko Busou Namimori! By more I mean the last two out of four. The first two you can see here. I expect C & D, Chatora and Kuro, to be very similar to Grey (A) and Shiro (B), but some variety would also be nice.

Chatora you’re up!

The two options I have for this guy (girl?) are:

Neko Crawler or Neko Drone.


Gotta go with the Crawler. I also notice that the places for the kitty itself on these next two kits are more like little pet cages.

Makes sense when you see Chatora is laying down nice and relaxed while the previous two were sitting up.

It looks friendly.

Here are the two other runners in this box.

So you get a mounted turret and the treads.

Go get ’em, Chatora!

Last but not least is Kuro!

Oh, maybe he is least?

This kitty has a lazy eye.

Gotta post a ‘He’s not perfect but I love him’ picture on Reddit. For the Karma.


Choices for Kuro are:

Neko Beast and Neko Shield.

This one is a no-brainer. Bring on the beast!

I mean, put beast into his warm napping place.

There are three other runners in this one.

So Kuro is last but most certainly not least (amount of parts).

That extra runner makes a claw.

Mount that to Kuro’s cage and add everything else.

Here’s the lazy pair.

Just the big Tenkomori left.

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    The “cage” in these two kits actualy remnids me more of a kotatsu. Don’t you think? 😉

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