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So, about that PG reveal that was mentioned in the HLJ Hobby and Model Show Sneak Peek post…

The new PG was only titled New MS A. Remember how excited we were?

Turns out it isn’t a new MS at all, more or less. Yes, it’s an MS we haven’t yet seen in Perfect Grade form but that seems more like a technicality. Before the reveal the rumour mill was mentioning this MS and it turns out they were spot on.

The PG new MS A is actually the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword / G.

So how do we all feel about that?

It’s a bit of a letdown, isn’t it?

When they used the term ‘New MS A’ it made me think, understandably, that we were getting an all new Perfect Grade kit.

Instead we are getting a variation of a kit that was originally released in 2009. Hmmm.

Wondering just what we were getting here I looked at Bandai’s Japanese website (which also happens to autotranslate based on region you’re viewing from) and saw they had updated it to include the 00 Gundam Seven Sword /G and included a description of the kit and what it includes.

(Note: description taken directly from Bandai’s auto-translated page.)

Refined proportions, renewed coloring and texture expression.
■ Adjust proportions of each part such as legs, head and shoulder. By new modeling parts, make it more refined impression.
■ Adopt molding material that emphasizes texture. Under the supervision of Ebi Ekawa Kanitake, the molding color is completely renewed.

Armed parts cover variable light gimmicks
■ GN Bustor Sword II reproduces the light gimmick by LED.
 Newly developing trend-oriented parts of the new organization by understanding the setting shape and conducting detailed guiding analysis / design (patent pending)
■ Large Armed GN Sword II Blaster is reproduced in a large size of about 340 mm in total length.
■ GN Katar can reproduce various variations such as mount to the leg part by itself, connected state and so on.
■ GN Sword II Long / Short form can be reproduced by replacing, Long rifle in rifle state, Short can be reproduced using lead wire injection mode.

■ GN Buster Sword II × 1
■ GN Sword II Short × 1
■ GN Sword II Long × 1
■ GN Katar × 2
■ GN beam saber × 2
■ GN Sword II Blaster × 1
■ Action base × 1

Sprue × 44
■ foil seal × 1
■ Marking seal × 1
■ Dry decal × 1
■ GN drive × 2
■ LED unit × 2
■ Hexagon bolt × 2
■ Screw (long) × 4 (short) × 2
■ Hexagon nut (large) × 2 (small) × 6
■ Coil spring × 8
■ Rubber seal × 2
■ PE sheet 2 types × 1 each
■ Bis × 1
■ Lead wire × 1
■ Instruction manual x 1

There are some things worth discussing here.

One I looked for, and was glad to see, is the inclusion of an action base. The Gundam 00 Raiser PG kit didn’t include the action base (aside from one included as a first production run bonus, if I recall correctly). This is a good thing. All new PG kits should have a base of some kind in my opinion. The Unicorn and Exia PGs needed one to contain the battery pack for the LED. The 00 had LEDs in each GN Drive but not outside battery pack as far as I know. However, we need to look at this claim:

GN Bustor Sword II reproduces the light gimmick by LED.

A newly designed PG weapon which lights up. So how do we expect this will be done? Will the included action base contain a battery pack of some kind which will light up the Buster Sword II? I’m sure we will find out more soon.

Speaking of weapons, they also state this:

Large Armed GN Sword II Blaster is reproduced in a large size of about 340 mm in total length.

340 millimeters. That’s 34 centimeters. (Yay, metric system!)

I imagine that will be heavy. I also imagine my PG 00 Seven Sword/G is not going to be posed with its weapons out wide very often.

And here’s what they said about the Katar,

GN Katar can reproduce various variations such as mount to the leg part by itself, connected state and so on.

I love that attempt at a translation.

This statement isn’t mind-blowing in any way but does highlight just how many weapons you will get with this kit and what they will be able to do.

Now let’s try to go through this sentence:

Refined proportions, renewed coloring and texture expression.

Are they stating that the PG Seven Sword/G will have better proportions than the Gundam 00 Raiser? It is hard to tell from the images on Bandai’s site.

But on one image there is some text which states that there are new parts for the chest, head, and shoulders, among others.

Regarding colours, it’s tough to tell as the images they’ve shown seem to have their Seven Sword/G preshaded. We will need some good comparison shots in order to evaluate properly.

As someone who has yet to, despite really wanting to, assemble the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser I’m actually looking forward to this kit. Anyone else who was scared off of the 00 Raiser price tag may feel a bit better about this one at its lower price point. I don’t know if there will be a large group of people who already have a PG 00 Raiser rushing off to get this one. In some ways it feels more like this kit is something like a fill-in, being released in the big December spot to fill an annual PG slot while also acknowledging the 10th anniversary of 00 Gundam.

When a company uses a term like New MS A, the optimists in all of us start pondering what it could be. It could be literally anything. Well, we are getting the Seven Sword/G. I’m excited, but not overwhelmed. I had hoped for a PG Victory Gundam.

I will hold on to that hope for next year.

This year, I’ll be building a 00 Seven Sword/G.

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  1. Guille says:

    I don’t know, I am a bit disappointed for the lack of water decals, specially in a PG

    • S2 says:

      Bandai released separate waterslides (in two sets) back shortly after the 00 Raiser PG release. I’m sure some people will choose to use those for this new kit.

  2. Iki says:

    I am guessing the action base is a normal action base 1, for holding up the swords.

    The pg 00 had batteries in his shoulders and head, and i am guessing this will have a battery and led unit in the sword. Something like the led unit in the body of mg gundams.

    Having built the original, i would strongly advice against it.
    It feels like a larger hg…
    It doesn’t have any details.
    The frame is about as detailed as the ones in the Iron blooded orphans kits (hg)
    And you can’t pose the kit with it’s main weapons (sholders can’t handle the weight)

    • S2 says:

      Good point about the base. I think I was on the lookout for anything indicating this version of the 00 would have a base/stand of some kind that I didn’t stop to consider that.

  3. Agent Adam says:

    I’m not as surprised they are doing this version as much as I am surprised it took this long.

    It’s hard for me to be disappointed in PG announcements as I’ve never built any; that being said any 00 PG is a possibility for me. I will certainly get an Exia at some point and if I were to spring for a 00, I’d probably get this newer one.

  4. Stephen says:

    The frustration for me is that I don’t have an interest in buying this PG because I’m not a 00 fan (nor do I like the design that much). That said, I’m super picky about the kits I buy.

    Everytime there’s a hobby show or the announcement for a new kit for Dec, I keep holding out hope for a 1/100 Kshatriya (MG, RE/100, whatever). Seems after this hobby show, I’m still holding onto hope.

    • Iki says:

      I could see them making a real grade kshatriya, or an re. (if i remember correctly they had a poll about the next re, where the kshatriya was an option)
      It is supposedly too large and heavy for a mg.

      • Stephen says:

        Less poll and more hint about the next RE (way back when it was still new), but many of the suits in that pic haven’t been turned into a kit (some have).

        Years ago they said the binders were too heavy and would need metal parts to hold up, increasing the cost of the kit and making it tough for consumers to buy. Except that was yeeeeears ago and Bandai’s modeling has made huge improvements.

        I just want a 1/100 Kshatriya…first world Gunpla problems heh

    • 1/100 Kshatriya. I’d take a day off and celebrate when they release one.

  5. I love the PG 00-Raiser and think it’s a good kit. However, it was far outclassed by the PG Exia. A remold of the 00-Raiser going after the PG Exia? Yeah, a letdown.

    Don’t get me wrong. The 7S/G has a lot of interesting things going for it. I just can’t help that at the back of my mind, it nags me that the Exia is better in kit form when lore-wise the 00 is its upgrade. Well, real-life doesn’t always have to follow the lore. At least they are updating the proportions and surface detailing; though I think these would only be noticeable when they are side-by-side.

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