Gaijin Gunpla

I really like the Unicorn Gundam MS and much of that has to do with the weapons they come with. Who can forget the epic MG Sinanju Bazooka, which was gentei until it released with the OVA Sinanju. The HGUC SINANJU STEIN [NARRATIVE VER.] also comes with some great weapons.

Let’s start with the rifle.

Many will recognize these parts from the HG Sinanju kit but there are some new parts that must go on to make it a Stein weapon.

You lay the old into the new.


The bazooka is very recognizable and self-explanatory. (That’s code for I’m not going to include a lot of text). Here are the two different barrels.

And here is the rest.

Choose your own adven… barrel.

I like it long.

Though if you have it short you can connect the rifle.

I’ll go with the long version for now because I want the rifle to be separate.

Don’t forget this.

And the grabbing hand.

The grabbing hands grab all they can…

Now for the shield.

It’s a beauty.

Add the launcher.

Nothing goes to waste.

I see I still have these parts.

It doesn’t look like I would be able to attach these to the underside of Stein’s shield. These should fit in his hands though.

There are no effect parts included with the Stein kit, but I think I have some around.

Still a good haul when it comes to weapons.

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  1. BNuts says:

    And while the beam saber effect parts are still yellow, they have a much more standard shape, as opposed to the more energetic-looking zappy type that comes with HGUC Sinanju. I guess the exchange is so Bandai can give us the bazooka.

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