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After my recent HGUC SINANJU STEIN [NARRATIVE VER.] post, my first in four weeks, this was the first comment that appeared.

Lol I thought this blog was dead but guess not. Good to have you back Syd.

I guess it is my fault for not posting anything at all for about four weeks. I can’t really blame it on a lack of plamo either as I’ve got an RG Sazabi I really want to panel line and sticker, a box of 7-11 plamo that ASM so generously sent me, and of course several other unbuilt kits that really shouldn’t be ignored. Still, perhaps a little bit of slow down in posting can be attributed to a lack of kits that interest me. Like I mentioned recently HG isn’t really my thing (though I’m hearing good things about the Moon Gundam) and there hasn’t been a lot of other huge kit releases this past summer, Sazabi aside.

But I will be honest and say that there is something else (amongst other things, of course) that has taken up more than a few hours of my time since early summer.

And there it is. God of War.

When I returned from my holiday in Japan (that still sounds odd to say) at the end of April, I found myself alone thanks to my significant others staying back in Japan with family for a few more weeks.

I had free time!

Not the I-have-an-hour-or-two-here-or-there type of free time but the Holy-crap! I-can-sit-on-the-couch-all-day-in-my-underwear-and-watch-a-LOTR-extended-edition-marathan type of free time. Not that I did that (I wasn’t in my underwear), but the possibility was there.

So what did I do?

I took the opportunity to get back into a AAA, story-driven, single player video game. And boy (BOI!) did I choose the right one.

I haven’t played any of the other games in the God of War series and only picked up the latest one because of the good reviews and, let me tell you, those good reviews are spot on. This game is epic.

Epic enough that I finished it twice and am now on a NG+ playthrough. Epic enough that I got the platinum trophy for it, something I’ve never done with a game before. Beautiful and enchanting enough that I’ve taken over 250 screenshots with the photo mode.

It’s the most gorgeous game I’ve ever played.


I’ve been considering sharing some of these screenshots on this blog. I mean, what else will I do with them? There are so many I may just throw up a few galleries divided up into things like Scenery.



There are some great ones in this game.

And because I’ve beaten everything I also have a plethora of pictures of the fabled Valkyries.

On top of all those there is also the ability to change the two main characters’ facial expressions so I’ve to got some fun pictures as well.

I’m in love with this game. So much so that after playing it I made sure I could get my hands on this very recent release.

Yes, that’s a Nendoroid Kratos!

Kratos only has two expressions, stoic and rage.

So he doesn’t need a lot of parts.

Here’s the Spartan Rage face.

And the greatest weapon in all of videogamedom, the Leviathon Axe.

Change my mind.

I think I may take Kratos to work and put him on my desk.

God of War reminded me why I grew to love video games at such a young age. The story is excellent and something that you can lose yourself in for long periods of time. I played this game each night after work, sitting on my couch with my pants on, and just taking it all in without disturbances of any kind. I’m really glad I could spend that time with this game.

Of course, this also rekindled my love for games and big titles with a lot of attention to detail so since platinuming this game I’ve checked out a couple of other big titles. Far Cry 5 was fine and enjoyable but can’t hold a candle to God of War and now I’m into something called RDR2. We will see how that turns out but so far so good.

Don’t worry (Mom), I won’t spend all my free time playing video games. It’s already November and there are some big releases due in the coming weeks, the first of which will be the Hi Resolution Astray Red Frame. My goodness, that looks intense.

Then we have an RG Full Armour Unicorn and a PG in December.

There is something else due in December which I’ll be sharing with you as well.

Busy months ahead. Gotta carve out chunks of time for Gunpla and some gaming.

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  1. evora460 says:

    Hey guess what. RDR2 is apparently 50-60 hours long if you want to beat it, and thats just the main story. Take your time and have fun playing it lol.

  2. I just love those gaming memories that one can create and remember fondly. I have several, sometimes coming from games I wouldn’t expect (Gunvolt), sometimes from games that would turn out to be legendary (Symphony of the Night, A Link to The Past, …).

    Keep having fun, building Gunpla or not 🙂

  3. Charlo says:

    For me the best games of all time will always be Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania on my original Play Station. But I still have to get myself a PS4, or I guess, I should wait for the PS5 now 😐

    Thanks for your post Syd! Always fun reading about your adventures!

    • Cloudrunner62 says:

      As I work at a fairly big video game store, Gamestop, I hate to tell you that the PS5 won’t be out til prolly 2020 or 2021.

  4. Nino says:

    Hey Syd,

    You should really check out the PS4 exclusive game Horizon Zero Dawn. I think you will really love it. It is my personal 2017 Game of the Year.

    Great story, interesting characters and a vivid living open world. Plus it has mechs, a lot of mechs.

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