Gaijin Gunpla

How long has it been since I’ve built an HG kit?

Was the last one the HGAC Leo?

Back in June?!

Oh my. No longer being part of my job and not having the same time/resources I had previously, it’s natural that some types of kits would drop off my list of priorities when it came to building. With MG still going with some solid releases and RG busting out some treasures, HG just couldn’t hold my interest enough to build many.

But the Narrative kits have looked interesting so far and I’m a big fan anything Sinanju so I couldn’t pass on the HGUC SINANJU STEIN [NARRATIVE VER.]

I quite like the Sinanju Stein and I’m in need of one as my previous MG Ver. Ka kit was involved in some sort of mix-up.

This Stein looks like it will fill the void that was there.

At least until the new MG Sinanju Stein [Narrative Ver.] arrives in January.

For the first time in what seems like too long I’m sitting down to build.

The shoulder joints are quite interesting. Each consist of three parts with the middle part having two pegs that snap into the remaining two parts. This means it’s already double jointed before being put onto the main body piece.

There’s a lot of really subdued colours in this kit. Grey and brown for a lot of the start. Here’s the collar and neck.

It fits onto the other half of the main body.

Clamp those together and add a poly-cap and its cover to the back.

Turn around and two parts go on to make the center of the chest.

Now I’ll need a part from this cool runner.

And that part needs its sticker.

After careful application I like the result.

Chest vents go on next.

Followed by the ridges on the top of the torso.

The armour for the sides of the torso, though all the same colour, is actually made up of one large piece and one small piece on each side.

That small piece slides into place at the bottom and is recessed a little.

Now we move to the head.

Add your eye sticker and faceplate and then sandwich on those sides.

Then top, bottom, and forehead.

One of the sexier heads out there.

There he is.

Let’s get some shoulders going here.

Not as big as the Red Comet’s but still nice.

Arm frames.

Well, just the elbow joint.

Check out how you attach a poly-cap to that elbow joint.

Place the elbow joint into the armour for forearm and add a poly-cap at the wrist.

You’ll add a darker part onto the back.

This piece houses the Beam Saber handle.

The large cuffs on each arm are made up of three parts.

Two stickers will cover up those three parts completely.

Take your time and you’ll get it.

The upper arm is a polycap sheathed by an armour part.

Plug your completed arms onto your completed shoulders and you’re almost there.

Just need the hands.

Looks like I remember him.

Before the… operation.

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  1. Sablenk87 says:

    Hi Syd, HG Sinanju stein is mind-blowing kit considering the old HG Sinanju, well it’s an all new kit. Since you’re still in HG kit try Moon Gundam, I can say it’s a next level on High Grade.

    • Stephen says:

      I’ll second the Moon Gundam appeal. The sheer amount of surface detailing is reminiscent of an RG. It even has armor separation at the knee. Everyone’s been raving about it and I can’t wait for my copy to come in.

      • evora460 says:

        The fact that the Moon Gundam’s front skirts are hollow kinda of annoy me considering that many other kits inferior to this don’t have the same issue.

  2. evora460 says:

    Lol I thought this blog was dead but guess not. Good to have you back Syd. Would love to hear your opinions on recent Gunpla news like MG Dynames, etc.

    • S2 says:

      In the age of the internet apparently if you are silent for 4 weeks everyone thinks you’ve died. That’s quite often the case, it seems. But not with me, thank God! I’ll explain myself a little more soon and have some other news to share which may explain my downtime a little better.

  3. Iron209 says:

    Hey you’re back!

    Anyway, do you think you can do a review of the Moon gundam?

  4. Merek says:

    You going to paint the gun barrel the proper grey or leave it the brown colour it comes?

  5. Michael says:

    I haven’t built it so far, but the thing that impressed me most is that it shares just a single runner with the regular HG Sinanju

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