Gaijin Gunpla

Some people may have noticed a little something in the First Look post.

Yes, that’s a pair of the Hobbyco Ultra Premium Nipper Ultra Ver 2.0. I was gifted a pair of the first Ultra Premium Nipper from the man himself over at Hobbyco and fell in love with them so much that I haven’t touched my Tamiya’s since then (June 2016).

Last year, my first in Australia, I met up with him again and he handed me a pair of the 2.0s!

“Specialized for plastic models.” That’s what I’m doing now!

as you can see I haven’t yet opened them since he handed them over because 1) my Ultra Premium Nippers, aka 1.0, aka the OG, were still working wonderfully, and 2) I wanted my ‘first time’ with the 2.0s to be special.

What’s more special than a Hi Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame?

Let me show you the special frame.

Doesn’t look very special laying down.

It’s starting to look special.

It’s definitely valuable, judging from the cost of replacing some of those frame parts.

And the manual at the very start tries to impress you by showing you what it can do.

Let’s look into that more closely.

They show the movement of the shoulder joints.


And the movement of the neck.

It’s got two moving areas in the neck.

That’s cool.

Two pivots in the torso area.

Bendy arms.

And even more bendy legs.

Check that out!

Notice how the part where the ankle armour will apply is separate from the rest of the foot.

It already impresses with its posability.

So let’s start adding parts. First up, this one.

Swing up the arms to move the shoulder blades outwards which exposes the area for this part.

Do you know what this reminds me of?

Bruce’s lats!


While working on the torso I noticed how glossy the black parts are.

Though firstly I’m using the only dull gray parts on the runner.

Those fit on the sides of the lower torso.

Add the armour for the lower front.

You need to bend the Astray backwards to expose the area you’ll need to connect to.

Oh, and undergate alert!

Add some red parts to the other red part.

It doesn’t look like it’s lined up correctly, but that’s how the manual shows it.

Glossy undergates!

This is less surprising than the first undergates I’d seen.

When you join all these parts together make sure everything is squeezed together tightly.

Then rip off his head.

You’ll then put on the front torso armour and the piece that goes on around the neck.

And the armour piece for the back has undergates even though they don’t really seem necessary.

Next up…

Take that head you yanked off and add some side parts and a face mask.

Those gray cylinder-looking parts slide onto both sides of the head before the white armour goes on.

That white armour is glossy, too.

And check out the effect of these armour parts.

That’s some Hi-Res detail there.

Add the visor and the red part on the back.

Then one gray part before adding the V-fin.

You’ll need to push strongly to get that V fin on completely.

High quality so far.

He’s begging me to stay but I gotta go.

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  1. Michael says:

    Not quite sure what to think of this kit. While mobility and details are great, I still feel like instead of a sleek agile machine I’m getting a ripped brute body-builder.

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