Gaijin Gunpla

The Sinanju Stein never saw a High Grade release prior to the MG Ver Ka release back in 2013. It was the same with the red Sinanju as well.

Now, with the HGUC SINANJU STEIN [NARRATIVE VER.] that is reversed. We’ve got this nice new HG kit with an MG kit in the pipeline. The Narrative version is technically new, but I think we know what to expect.

I expect, and look forward to, building some sexy legs.

Starting with the feet.

These consist of three frame parts.

Then an armour part for the heel and another for the top.

Followed by three more dark blue parts.

These big legs have some big knees. You build those around this frame part and its accompanying poly-cap.

The next two frame parts are quite large.

Now to secure the poly-cap for attaching to the hip joints in two upper armour parts.

Then add your two part knee caps.

From here you stop working on both legs at once and move to the right leg which starts with these parts.

You’ll then plug in a plastic part on one side and a poly-cap onto the other.

Prepare your ankle.

And place it, along with another poly-cap, into one side of the large lower leg.

You’ll then insert the assembly you just finished before closing it up.

Then add an armour part for the back.

A similar part goes on the front. You’ll need to line it up very specifically to get it fully into place.

Plug the vernier-housing, rear armour part into the exposed poly-cap on the back of the lower leg.

Now you can attach the foot and plug in the peg that sticks out the bottom of the knee frame which you assembled first.

But the legs are useless without hips.

Then you move onto the large moving armour part found on the outside of Stein’s leg.

Repeat that whole process for the left leg and you are all set.

Regardless of the grade, most often the legs take the longest to assemble and the Stein’s were no exception. Once both legs were assembled I packed away everything in order to take a break and get some sleep.

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  1. SUSANOWO says:

    Will we get a kit review, or a quick recap, like with thé Barzam?

  2. BNuts says:

    Whe I built HGUC Sinanju I could not believe the colour separation with the plastic parts, especially for an ‘older’ kit. I had to repeatedly remind myself ‘this is an HG kit.’ I fully expect a similar experience with this kit.

    And hope for an eventual HG version of the normal Stein.

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