Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got an upper body and a set of legs for the HGUC SINANJU STEIN [NARRATIVE VER.] right here but will need a sexy waist to join those things together.

That requires some frame parts and some poly-caps.

The front skirts are interesting in that they give you the small vent parts separately to lay in the underside of the skirt.

This would definitely make painting the vents a piece of cake.

Front center block requires a sticker.

The large rear skirt armour goes onto the equally large frame.

No, wait. That isn’t correct. Well, the description is correct but the frame part in the picture isn’t. It should be this one.

Didn’t even realise I had extra parts on this kit. Looking at the one runner where I got the wrong rear skirt frame piece from, I notice this.

Makes sense that they would reuse some parts here. Seems to be only this runner, though (weapons, aside).

That’s better.

Side skirts are just two parts.

Let’s do this thing!

Oh yes!

Still need a backpack though.

Make the backpack center adding the blue armour pieces.

Then prep the fuel tanks.

These require stickers. Four of them for each tank.

The bottom can only go on one way.

These tanks are much longer than those on the Stein Ver. Ka.

Now for one side of the backpack.

Add even more verniers.

And side specific armour pieces.

So long.

Repeat for the opposite side.

Plug ’em in and you’re all set.

I am predicting some back heaviness when the MG Sinanju Stein [Narrative Ver.] comes out.

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  1. Stephen Fong says:

    Got mine in the backlog (which is ever growing…) but looking forward to the final impressions/review! It looks glorious.

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