Gaijin Gunpla

I’m still short a waist and backpack for my Hi Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame so I’ll get those knocked out in this post as well as work on the weapons including that plated katana.

First up, the waist. Here are the parts for the center front.

Some red parts will then sit in there near the top.

This whole unit is then plugged onto the front of the Astray.

Now for the back skirt.

The construction of the rear skirt includes arms that will be used to connect to the side skirts.

You’ll need the center block.

You connect this to the frame back there from the side.

Then drop the larger part on over top.

One small part is needed to finish it off.

And here are the side skirts.

These seem rather bland compared to everything else I’ve put together so far. They just plug in here.

Waist is done. Time for the backpack.

Start with grey then add red.

Cover it with black.

More red and black.

The part used to connect the backpack to the Astray is found in the plastic shell casing which housed the frame.

Plug it into the back of the Astray.

Then tilt it upwards positioning it in place.

Does he look Hi-Resolution?

Okay now for his weapons including the distinctive Katana.

Make the handle.

Then plug in the plated blade.

Nakago is signed Kiku Ichimonji.

I wrote about the Kiku Ichimonji school of swordsmiths when I assembled the PG Astray Red Frame. You can read what I wrote here.

Now for the Saya (handle).

Red trim parts go on both ends.

There is a very small gold piece involved here.

Okay, now it’s Hi-Res!

Next up, the rifle

And, finally, the shield.

There are two options when it comes to placing the connector on.

That’s a nice looking set of weapons.

So I’ve got the marking stickers to apply and several sets of hands.

Then the real fun begins.

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    Still trying to figure out how much I like it (or hate it)…
    I mean, overall I like the bulkiness, the almost organic feel of the “muscles”, and if you look at the drawings, this kit is quite accurate in terms of the sense of “beefiness” it transmits.
    But I’m accustomed to the MG proportions… I don’t know, I can’t seem to make up my mind!

  2. harold says:

    Trying to imagine how they would have forged the katana in gundam scale. They probably didn’t need to fold the metal (is it gundarium?), wonder what material they replaced the wooden peg with (they even got the hole in the blade), and what they used to wrap the handle lol.

  3. Alberto from Italy says:

    Well, even if I haven’t seen it in action yet, it looks good, but…

    I belong to the league of those that cannot understand the meaning of this line. I mean: is this a metal kit or a plastic kit? Above all, has it got anything that cannot be achieved in a good modern MG?

    Ok, let me say that this line can be regarded as a great result in poseability and articulation: well, is this Gundam that popular that it deserves all the kits it has been moulded in? Why not having an RX78/2, for instance?

    I’m really puzzled.

    • Stephen says:

      “I mean: is this a metal kit or a plastic kit? Above all, has it got anything that cannot be achieved in a good modern MG?”

      My answer to this is: it’s the high end version of the RE/100.

      Could the Astray Red Frame (which is indeed, super popular) be molded as a MG ver 2.0 and have adjusted proportions and such? Absolutely. Would it have >this< much parts separation/glossy parts/articulation without significantly driving up the price? Probably not.

      To me, the Hi-Res line is combining the Metal Builds and plastic model kits together to something that's a bit in-between, like the RE/100 has MG-ish detailing* and HG 1/100 construction. Whereas the RE/100 line is for kits that probably will never see a MG, it's a decent balance between price/kit/details. The Hi-Res are on the other end, for the super popular suits with (arguably) better details and "premium" parts (doesn't always work but some opinions say the Red Frame is leagues better over the other releases).

      We'll probably get a RX-78 eventually. Perhaps Bandai learned their lesson with the RG – don't put out the flagship as the first of a new line before the kinks have been worked out.

      *MG-ish details. Not always successful but still better than a HG 1/100.

    • harold says:

      Always thought this line was more for people who like to “play” with their figures rather than those who are content to have it stand still, with the intention of having the joints more resistant to the wear and tear.

      Also, it would’ve been more interesting if they made the armor parts interchangeable with the MG so you could kinda have the best of both worlds. Oh well.

  4. Alberto from Italy says:

    Thanks for the answers, guys. I still wonder if this line wouldn’t suit better kits that aren’t Gundams. I mean: wouldn’t this work for things like Evangelions or Mazingers?

    I must admit a classic-looking MG Great Mazinger is a dream for me…

    • Stephen says:

      Please don’t mention Bandai’s Eva models….
      ….they never released the big guy from 3.33 T.T (I know Kotobukiya did).

      Great Mazinger did get a 144 scale release, plenty of panel lines and details! Check it out if you haven’t heard of it already.

      • Alberto from Italy says:

        Oh, thanks but I already know that Great Mazinger model well. It comes from the “Mazinger Z: infinity” movie, but my dream is having got a 70’s style MG model…

        I do not understand why it has never been released, actually, above all after the 2001’s mmechacolle kit,which was really good, in its time.

    • saverio says:

      But they did make it. I am not familiar with mazingers but there is a hobby shop near where I live that has various kits of it, altough they look quite old.

  5. saverio says:

    But they did make it. I am not familiar with mazingers but there is a hobby shop near where I live that has various kits of it, altough they look quite old.

    • Alberto from Italy says:

      Thanks, sir. But I’m pretty sure no modern MG classic Great Mazinger exists nowadays. A metal build has been released but its design comes again from the “Mazinger Z: infinity” movie.

      If you say the kits you saw are old they might be the Bandai Mechacolle line, which I already own: they’re really good, but incomparably inferior to a good MG (and much, much smaller).

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