Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got my Hi Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame‘s upper body armoured up, though there is still a backpack to go, but for now I’m onto my favourite part of most models- the legs.

I’ll be laying this guy down to apply the armour parts to both sides oft he upper leg.

Check out how they’ve designed the connection here. There is no way you’ll get this wrong.

More grey is added before the large white part.

The lower leg has only one small red part that runs up the shin while the other parts are for the knee.

Again a very specific connection is used here.

Set the Astray aside and work on two sets of armour for the right side of the legs. This involves five parts for each side.

Press them on firmly.

Might as well make the parts for the left side as well while I’m at it.

This is how he looks after finishing the first leg page in the instruction manual.

And that’s where I had to end for the night.

The next night I was right back for Legs, Part II!

Need this for the back of the leg.

You can see where it is meant to sit.

These two parts join.

Looking at it from the back you can see it’s designed so the white part can move.

Place it in its spot.

And watch it move.

Now for kneecap.

You can see Bandai have designed the connector peg on the bottom of the knee to work a specific way.

This means you can’t possibly place that small part on upside down.

Make sure the two large gray parts that were put on previously are squeezed together tightly to ensure the large white part goes on properly.


Legs are done so now let’s focus on the feet.

You start with one red part that goes on the top of the foot and then four black parts that will make up the front of the foot, in other words, the toes.

Those four black parts make two different sections of the front foot.

You’ll plug the peg in on both sides.

Which means that the black sections can move independently similar to how older Japanese footwear was designed.

Those designs kept the piggy that usually goes to the market separate from the other piggies which stay home, have roast beef, have none, and go wee-wee-wee all the way home respectively.

Next you’ll add black parts to the back of the foot.

Again, Bandai is using idiot-proof connection design here.

The ankle armour is next and you’ll assemble one side first.

Then the other side is put together the same way.

You’ll place those on from both sides so they join in the middle at the front and then cover that joining with a large white piece.


Here he is.

He only lacks his waist, backpack, and his beautiful weapons. Hoping to get on those ASAP, before the December stuff starts arriving. It’s a big month.

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  1. Dizz says:

    Welp that is one unproportional astray.

    • Iki says:

      It looks the way it’s supposed to, based on the drawings.

      • Dizz says:

        The legs maybe, but the torso, arms, and head nah. The gap between the body and arms make it looks like powered red but with normal arms. And I don’t know if it’s the angle of the camera but the lower leg is too short even compared to the illustration.

      • Dizz says:

        I took another look, the head is ok, but the body and arms is certainly not.

    • chae says:

      This line of gundam makes no sense to me. if you want a pre-build gundam, get a robot damashii. if you want a kit, get a MG kit. Having them both makes no sense. whatever diecast part are going to be covered by the kit armor part …. i totally do not understand this line of gundam. Babatos made sense because gundam frame are prominent throughout the kit. Normal gundam? it just looks weird.

  2. goondum says:

    He’s not even thicc. Just chunky.

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