Gaijin Gunpla

The Astray Frame MS are viewed as being very streamlined and sleek and so we don’t see much armour on them. That said, there is still some armour needed on your Hi Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame‘s arms once you get to that portion of the build.

Here are parts you will connect to a peg on the back of the Astray’s arm.

Interesting to see the small part in the center there looks like it could take a weapon of something inserted.

Some red parts are also put on either side of the upper arm.

And a white part will be used to cover up what you’ve added to the lower arm.

Then some comparatively small white armour is added to both front and back.

Put these two parts together.

Then connect to the back of the elbow.

Let’s check out the bend with the armour in place.

Next is the shoulder which sees some larger pieces used for the back area.

The part for the front of the shoulder has a bar on it to which you’ll connect the armour.

Final armour.

You can see that the front armour piece will swivel to allow more movement of the arm.

The largest part I’ve worked with so far is the upper shoulder armour.

Start again for the opposite side.

He can take it. He’s got big shoulders.

That seemed to all happen rather quickly. I don’t think the same will be said of the next session – the legs!

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