Gaijin Gunpla

I needed a backpack.

So I went from page 24 of the instruction manual back to page 14.

My decision to build the RG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam weapons first could have caused me some confusion but I’ve got experience to fall back on.

Opening up the runner bags for the backpack reminded me that I forgot to show the B frame RG runner in its cool FA Gundam green.

The manual shows you how to add the FA stuff with the backpack in either Destroy Mode or Unicorn Mode. I’ve opted for Unicorn Mode because that’s just how I roll.

With backpack in hand I can now use those large frame parts.

From here I can start adding stuff.

Lots of stuff.

But I’ll first need some more frame parts.

These plug onto the sides of the new backpack.

These have some movement sideways.

I can now prepare to mount the first set of Gatlings.

One frame part is used to join the right and left Gatling.

You then place this frame part onto the bottom of the backpack.

Prepare one of the shields as well.

Place the Gatlings on and slide them down to lock them in position.

Then add the shield.

Now for those giant thruster parts which have been staring at me since the beginning.

Join those together, add a part at the top and then slide the frame piece into place.

Then work on the bottom.

The thrusters can mount to the backpack but normally you’d have the backpack already on the Unicorn.

I haven’t assembled the Unicorn yet so I guess these thruster stands are useless.

These stands are used for both Destroy Mode and Unicorn Mode.

I guess I’ve reached the point where I need the RG Unicorn.

Be right back.

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