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December 18th, 2018 seems like so long ago now. That was my last post on the Hi Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame kit. Yes, a lot has happened since then. The arrival of both the PG 00 Seven Sword/G and the RG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam both happened since then. Arrival of the Mother-in-law from Japan, to take care of the other new arrival, happened December 19th. Christmas, New Years, and putting together the FA Unicorn all happened.

I think I’m tired.

Rather than start on the monster project that the newest PG kit will be I decided to finish off some other kits while watching Kei Nishikori win the Brisbane Open tennis tournament last night.

The last stuff in any kit is often the hardest to get through. You’ve put in all the hard work already and have a good result you are pleased with. From that point on it’s just the trimmings and accessories. We’ve bandied about the term ‘Weapons Block’ before and there is some of that for me after the FA Unicorn but the HiRM Astray only has things like hands and holders to finish off.

I’ll also attach the Beam Sabre handles.

Oh, what a difference it makes! /s

Looks decent, though.

This part here:

Is used to mount the rifle to the back skirt. You clip it onto the rifle first.

And then snap it on.

It’s a good connection and quite secure.

Next up I’ll show how the shield is mounted. The shield joins by the peg found on the back of the shield.

This snaps into a female connector tucked away in the back of the elbow.

Tilt it up and you’re ready to go.

Manual says to attach it to the left arm. Okay.

I know you.

The katana will attach using this setup.

Twin runners in this kit means two of these but you’ll only need one. It replaced the single armour part that is the side skirt.

You then plug the the sheath into it.

And there he is.

Now for all of these.

This kit has lots of hands.

First hands are for the Beam Sabre handles and rifle.

There are four pieces here.

If you are mounting the rifle you will do so at this stage and then put the last thumb part in place.

Repeat for left hand.

Nice detail on these Hi Resolution hands.

Next set is for using the katana.

Use the two small part to make a hinged wrist.

Then plug it onto the peg on the main hand part. You then add the fingers and the armour.

Check out movement in that wrist.

Next pair are fixed position open with fingers splayed.

They too have the jointed wrist.

Final pair are fixed position open with fingers together and straight.

Show of hands for the HiRM Red Astray?

All in favour, of course.

Lastly, here is the adaptor part for mounting to an Action Base.

There are two ways to use it, the first being plugging into the bottom of the skirt.

The second method is to install it under the backpack.

I really need to dig out my Action Base, from wherever it is.

I really need to determine where my Action Base is.

And finally, on the final page, of the small manual, which makes it hard to read, is the marking guide.

Do I really want to start this now?

Well, the Tennis final has gone to a third set so why not.

The large stickers fit perfectly in their positions similar to RG stickers on most of the first RG kits.

Those stickers took some time to line up properly, mostly because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to that sort of thing.

To finish I have all the little red and white circle stickers to put everywhere.

That will take some time too.

When done I’ll try for a final photoshoot to show off this Hi Res bad boy.

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  1. JY Ng says:

    So I’m not alone in the struggle to finish off the accessories of all Gunpla models lol.

    I really like the direction they took this HiRM model into. It has a more humanoid look with all the muscle bulge and a more bulky appearance.

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