Gaijin Gunpla

Just like with the HiRM Astray Red Frame I’ve got some time and a few things to knock out on the RG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam to be considered OOB done. Except for the, dear lord, markings.

The first of these is putting the extra shields on the extra Gatling guns.

Join the two Gatlings together, as you’ve done before, to make one set.

You’ll then have two sets, one for each arm.

To mount these on the Unicorn you clip one frame part onto the lower arm.

Packing some heat!

Onto this you then plug on the shield.

Now we see why using the new connector piece was important.

Without the slats on both sides the connection to the Gatlings wouldn’t work.

Gotta protect your… assets.

This guy is really packing.

Unicorn Mode, by looking at the manual, seems to be employed when none of the weapons/accessories are activated.

So I’ll keep the Hyper Beam Javelin tucked away for now. To allow Unicorn to carry it I’ll just clip on the handle.

I’ll up this in his right hand so I guess that means his Beam Magnum rifle is going in the left.

Unicorn mode is like a Porcupine just waiting to shoot off its quills. Better not confront it.

I’ll close this assembly of the kit off with a putting together a last pair of hands.

I guess that means I can get him ready.

For, dear lord, all those markings!

I’ll have to schedule the marking sessions wisely to make best use of my limited time. And to fit it around another kit I want to build badly.

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  1. JangotheBlueFox says:

    the hyper beam javelin goes between the gatling gun and shield on the right arm.

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