Gaijin Gunpla

I managed to put in several good sessions with the RG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam and saw the light at the end of the tunnel just ahead, on New Year’s Eve.

When I realised how close I was, and that I would be staying up until midnight anyway to ring in the New Year and watch the Sydney fireworks, I put my head down and powered through.

After assembly of all the FA goodies, I needed the MS and so I flipped back to the beginning of the manual and while doing so took a moment to take in the part list.

So much stuff.

Assembly of the Unicorn proceeds without incident but I do run into something that makes me pause.

Manual instructs me to place only one H9 part into the side of the leg. This is different than I remember it. It will mean I’m only using two of the four supplied parts.

Then I realized why it is this way.

With a fully assembled RG Unicorn I can plug on the backpack I had just assembled.

Then I can use the tabs on the Hyper Bazookas to secure them in their spot on that backpack frame.

He’s already looking heavily armed. And heavy.

Triple Grenades on both legs.

This is why the manual instructions only had you using one H9 part on the legs.

And lastly I can plug in those giant thrusters, which I need thanks to their stands, if I want this guy to stand up.

I just then noticed that you are given the option of having the Unicorn thruster-less.

I’ll consider it, but for now…

Here’s some preliminary shots of a Unicorn Mode FA Unicorn Gundam.

Oh yeah!

He’s long.

Thrusters for days.

I do love the Unicorn Mode but I think given the size of everything I’ll need it in Destroy Mode for a more balanced look.

The push was to get this guy assembled by midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Did I make it?

Looks outside window.

Happy 2019 to everyone.

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  1. Sheldon Abrigo says:

    wow syd… did you make it? you have a beautiful view of sydney harbour!! happy new year!!

    • S2 says:

      That’s a photo of the fireworks that I took from the internet. Though I can see some of the fireworks from my apartment there’s no way I get that beautiful a view

  2. Ragnaroc says:

    I’m not sure if I should build this first or the Sazabi for my next RG project but I feel like if I am going to build the RG FAU than I’ll have to dig my MG FAU out and find a spot to display it as well.

  3. Builder says:

    Whoa multiple post in one day ?
    this is absolute treat.
    I’m looking forward for the review

  4. Sam Yang says:

    To me the best way to spend Christmas and New year’s eve is in building gunplas (with good food, snacks and gundam series playing on screen ;)).

    I did MG Strike ver.RM in Xmas 2014, Hi-Re Red Astray (Xmas) and RG Sazabi (new year’s eve) in 2018 and these are just pure happiness and relaxation.

    4 years apart, now life is filled with responsibilities, but gunpla remains to be one of the few things that makes me feel the joy same as when I have started this hobby.

    Keep up the good work, I will keep following you for another year!

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