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What’s old is new again? Actually, I hadn’t considered the
MG Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka. to be an old kit but when I had a look back I saw that it released in February 2013. That’s almost 6 years ago now!

I’ve been doing this hobby for a long time.

I had a lot of fun with that kit so I remember it fondly. Currently it is sitting in a display case in Japan and I really should look at getting it shipped over here so it can be displayed proudly along with the Yellowbird.

I thought the HG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) would fill that Stein emptiness but that’s quite a small kit, though a good one.

But then Bandai went and announced the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) and I’ve got a 1/100 scale Stein in my possession once more.

I don’t recall the Ver. Ka box being this thick. This box is a fatty and I’ll find out why once I open it up. For now, check out the images on the side of the box.

I just learned that these one-piece hands which we first saw, if my increasingly foggy memory is still working correctly, with the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka aren’t what I thought they were. Prior to that release, when they unveiled the MG Nu Ver Ka at the 52nd All Japan Hobby Show the promotional banners at the display in Bandai’s booth called the new hands ‘Full Action Manipulator’. Well, it appears Bandai have changed the designation for these as the side of the new Stein MG box calls them ‘Emotion Manipulator SP’. Are there any differences besides the name change? I guess I’ll find out.

Taking the lid off the box I am presented with this eye-pleasing site.

I’ll take a quick shot of the markings though I’m not opening anything at this time.

Hey, it’s 10:30 PM. I can’t jump on it yet.

Instead of the gray frame runners the Ver Ka Stein had we instead have brown to go with the blue armour.

It looks like the gray armour is also darker than I remember but I’ll do a comparison once I’ve got the bags open and better lighting.

This bag looks identical in contents to the same bag in the Ver. Ka kit.

The Emotion Manipulator SP is brown.

Brown Emotions.

Looking at the runners they all seem to say…

This isn’t surprising. I’m still looking for differences. The manual will definitely indicate those.

Best way to tell is to look at the runner list and look for ‘X’s.

As you can see, many parts from these runners aren’t used.

Looks like several weapon parts aren’t used.

And skirt frame parts as well.

But look at this.

I don’t recall seeing instructions like this before. You have two H Gray runners and two identical H Brown runners. The majority of the Gray parts are not used at all and what is used from Gray is shown not to be used from the Brown runners. Bandai’s instructions are to ‘Remove before assembling’.

That means you’ll have two complete H runners worth of parts that aren’t used for this kit.

No wonder the box is so big!

More things of note.

Water slide decals.

The last page of the manual, next to the marking guide, tells you how to apply them.

Speaking of the marking guide.

Other things of note in the manual, the Emotion Manipulator SP instructions are quite thorough.

Inside the manual can be found some great colour images as well.

Always loved the half and half look. Maybe I’ll go that route with this kit. If you count the two MG Sinanju Ver. Ka kits, the MG Stein Ver Ka, and the MG Sinanju OVA I guess you could say I’m quite familiar with it.

Eager to get started!

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  1. Carlo says:

    Hey Syd,

    Just a question, the H runners are the frame parts for the legs right? I think something interesting from this one might be the difference in the part of the gun near the handle. That was the problematic area in the normal Stein and from the pictures I’ve seen, this version seems to be able to hold the gun better. Hope you can compare the guns and how the kit holds them in the coming build posts! 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    > Are there any differences besides the name change?
    As far as I know, nope, same MP-1 runner.

  3. Alberto from Italy says:

    Well… Why the Hell should I even REMOVE THE UNUSED PARTS FROM TRE SPRUE BEFORE ASSEMBLING? What’s the point of giving this piece of advice? Why not using the simple cross on the unused pieces as usual and as shown even on other sprues of this kit?

    It sounds meaningless: what would happen, after all, if I didn’t remove those parts before assembling? Nothing bad I should say…

    I’m more than puzzled…

    • S2 says:

      So you don’t mistakenly use the wrong colour part.

      • Alberto From Italy says:

        Thanks, Mr Syd. Never thought of it, but it could be a good reason.

        Still wondering it there was really no way to have these parts removed from the beginning.

        After all, as there are tons of wasted plastic on this sprue, was it really less expensive to produce and insert the full old sprue instead of moulding a new one with the necessary pieces only and a new ID code?

        The unsolved mysteries of reduce-the-costs-at-any-cost packaging…

  4. WaniWaniPanic says:

    I’ve seen the greyed out double frames a lot on P-Bandai releases. The RG Gabby Hazard Zaku was particularly bad for it, at the end you’re left with almost an entire set of armor plates.

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