Gaijin Gunpla

There’s loads of stuff to assemble with the RG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam and so far I’ve made it up to part where I need…

Shields. Three of them.

(Triplicate! whoop!)

You can see by the part listing in that first panel that you have one shield that comes with the RG Unicorn kit and then two more that are added on. That parts pile looks like this.

If you open up the small bags you’ll find only three small runners in each.

If you’ve assembled any of the previous RG Unicorn kits this will be a breeze.


Be sure you note this step.

You need a new part found on the FA runner here not the old part. Note the difference.

That could have created a problem.

Having survived that check out my shields.

That image looks like a pokemon evolution image.

Moving on.

I get to grab some large frame parts for the backpack.

Wait. I need a backpack.

Be right back.

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