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End of the year means days off of work which would normally mean some extra free time, for the normal people. I don’t know if that applies to me given that I’ve got a 3 week old baby (and a Japanese mother-in-law in her 60s) in my home now.

So I guess I may (or may not) have some extra time and I want to make the most of it (or not). How to do that with my RG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam?

Well, I think I’ll approach this build differently. Rather than start from page one and build the MS, which I’ve already built a couple times, I think I’ll choose a different starting point.


Of course, this may come back to haunt me but you I’m always up for any surprises that come my way.

Adapt and overcome!

First up – the Beam Magnum.

Parts come from this runner.

Wait, this is the old runner.

Which means I’ve built this already. Well, this section of the post will be quick.

Now onto the new stuff.

Starting with – The Hyper Beam Javelin.

Not a normal Beam Javelin. A Hyper Beam Javelin.

Gotta grab this runner.

Yes, this is the new stuff.

I’ll need parts from here as well.

I’ll get right to the point.

That pun was definitely intended.

Though this is in 1/144 scale it is looking a lot like what we saw with the MG FA Unicorn Ver Ka which, interestingly, was assembled after the majority of other weapons in the MG were assembled. On the RG it’s right near the top.

Combine those and then lay it into the even longer piece.

Now sandwich these parts together.

They go together from a certain angle.

Add some more long pieces.

And the smaller parts that will join them all together.

It’s plug and play!

Okay, that’s done. Let’s see what’s next.

Oh. They are showing me how to mount it on my RG Unicorn and play with it.

But I haven’t assembled the Unicorn yet. My decision has already returned to bite me.

Well, it looks cool.

Something to look forward to once I get through the rest of the FA stuff.

I’m gonna build me some Triple Hand Grenades.

Make sure you’ve got the right part here.

Build the first set.

Get a small frame part to join these together.

Then build the second set.

Then you can connect them.

And plug them into the leg of your RG Unicorn.

I haven’t assembled the RG Unicorn…

I guess I’ll move on to the (drum roll!)

Triple Hand Grenades (Bazooka Edition).

Expectedly these are pretty much the same as what has just been assembled.

Except you need this part.

And from there you move to the Triple Missile Launchers.

Everything in triplicate!

These are pretty simple but be sure you’ve got the bottom inserted the correct way.

I don’t expect there is any penalty for inserting those the wrong way but why tempt fate.

Next up, Grenade Launchers!

Only two though.

They do have undergates, though. Must be pretty important Grenade Launchers.

Even the (some of the) small parts have undergates.

With those Grenade Launchers assembled I need something to mount them on. Cue the Hyper Bazookas.

This runner looks familiar.

And so do these parts.

Well, these are from the previous RG Unicorn.

But these are new.

After that it’s the same old, I mean previous, RG Unicorn bazooka parts.

But when you’ve got your two Hyper Bazookas assembled you get to add the goodies, the Grenade Launcher, the Triple Grenade Launchers, and the Triple Missile Launchers.

Right and left are just mirror opposites.

And here they are.

After all that, it’s time to get serious.

Beam Gatling Guns x 6!

That’s triplicate x 2!

I finally get to open this bag.

Inside are three of the same runner.

Fire up the assembly line.

With six of those assembled I proceed to work on three for the right side and three for the left.

You’re instructed to rotate the sight and handle to the outside but I find that doesn’t allow you to handle the placing of this into the larger piece of the Gatling very easily. Rather, I lay it flat on the table and joined them up, closed it up, and then rotated those parts around.

Three times.

And then three more times going the opposite way for the left Gatlings.

That’s a lot of assembling and it’s given me all of this.

Hey wait, that’s the stuff showing in the image on the side of the box.

There is still much to be done but this seems like a good place to take a breather.

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