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Once again I find myself building some kind of Sinanju. This time it’s the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) Like I mentioned in the First Look post, this kit will have minor difference from the Sinanju Stein Ver Ka so it is my job to tell you about them.

When starting this kit I decided that I would prepare certain runners the way the manual indicated.

Time to sort out the H runners.

I’ll start with the Gray. If I follow the manual I should end up with almost the entire Gray H runner being unused. Like this:

And here is what will be used.

That’s not very much.

The Brown H runner is the inverse of the gray one. Here are the parts that will be used in this kit.

And here is what won’t be.

Notice that one part in the middle of the runner is designated as not for use and that same part on the H runner won’t be used.

Check out my hybrid H runner.

Looks good as new.

I’ll just bag up the unused parts.

More pieces will be going in there, I’m sure.

Looking at the runner guide more closely I notice the Q runner appears all new.

Yet, it is still designated as ‘MG 1/100 Sinanju Stein’.

I’m also informed that these two parts for the side of the chest, from the E1 runner, won’t be used.

Instead I get a mini runner with new parts.

Can you spot the difference at a glance?

We’ll look at it more closely soon.

Right away there is a difference between the MG Steins.

With the Narrative Version there is no pilot figure.

I had to do a double take of the manual.

But pilot figures are there if you wanted to use them.

Like the H runners there are two F1 runners, one in Gray and one in Blue, and you won’t be using most of the parts.

You’ll use these.

Looks like I’m done with the Dark Blue F1 runner now.

I’ll add that to the unused parts bag.

There were no other differences in construction up until the point where I was finishing the torso.

The new Dark Blue torso parts are used here. Here they are with the original parts.

Here’s another angle so you can see what’s different.

The new parts don’t have a gap in them that would allow portions of the frame to be visible underneath.

The next step sees me do some work with all new parts. For that I need the Q runner. It’s multi-coloured so I just took off the parts I expected to use first and required a certain kind of attention.

Black parts!

Black parts that require stickers!

This is where you’re given the choice of stickers or waterslides. I’m not ready to commit to waterslides yet so for now I’ll go with the stickers. It will allow me to proceed faster.

Except that I’m very pedantic when it comes to marking/sticker/decal placement and so I spent far more time than you would think would be necessary in placing the stickers.

That’s one sticker.

There’s a second.

The third is even larger.

Follow those up with the emblem.

I’m fine with this for now, but if I was doing a S2 build I’d likely took to paint and/or wash these parts.

Once you’re done with the emblem, you’ll need one new blue part (on the left) onto which to connect the emblem.

And there we go.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Emical* says:

    I don’t get why Banday couldn’t simply replace the (very few) differently colored parts with a small new runner (same as they did with the R runner).
    The way they did, we end up with a pile of plastic which we won’t use (except for the spare parts bin, maybe), but which we paid for.
    The NT Version is priced 500yen more than the old Ver. Ka, but considering Bandai reused 99.95% of the molds, without this much excess plastic maybe it could’ve cost even less than the old one.
    In conclusion, this seems to me a very lazy move on Bandai’s side.
    That being said, Bandai! shut up and take my money! 🙂

  2. Martin says:

    I am tempted by this kit. Want to paint the frame steel and copper/bronze. Think it would look cool that way.

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