Gaijin Gunpla

Back with more of the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) and just what makes it different from the Sinanju Stein Ver Ka.

When it comes to the head the difference isn’t really a difference at all.

You’re just using different coloured (brown in this case) parts for the head vulcans. And that’s that.

And this.

This next shot doesn’t show anything different.

I just wanted to show the fantastic frame the Sinanjus all share. I love this kit.

The cuffs are different from both the Sinanju Ver Ka (and OVA) and the Stein Ver Ka.

I would call them a hybrid. They have the squareness of the Stein’s cuffs but the patterns of the Ver. Ka/OVA.

Those patterns mean stickers! Or waterslides if that’s your preference.

I’ll go with the stickers.

I’ll start by placing the tricky one first.

Then the second, easier one, lines up at the bottom.

This is satisfactory.

Now for this piece.

This takes three stickers. One for the emblem, one for the top with the little V, and on running along the edge at the bottom.

This is also satisfactory.

Once you’ve got the stickers on that part you take two new parts from the Q runner.

The only part from the original Sinanju kit is the small frame part on the right.

Clip it onto the back of the lower arm and then tuck it into place.

Now to manipulate emotions.

I know some females who are very good at this.

Previous kits with these hands didn’t include English instruction. They are here on the NT Stein and are quite detailed.

Right arm finished.

Left starts the same way… stickers.

Now for these runners.

I think only the small fins will be used.

Looks as menacing as his Sinanju brethren.

Now to find out what’s different with the lower body.

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