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Is there really that much different with the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) that it’s worth reviewing? Would it be acceptable to just give it the same score as the Stein Ver. Ka?

I was actually torn on these questions and debated what to do. In the end, I think most every kit deserves its own review though we do know that some kits are indeed copies of others. With the NT Stein there were some things I felt were worth saying and so I’m going to try to put together a proper review.

That said, much of this review is going to mirror that of the Sinanju Stein Ver Ka kit so I recommend having the review for that kit open in another tab so you can refer to it frequently.

Here’s the link:
MG Sinanju Stein Review

Overall Look: 10/10

This Stein seems to be a hybrid between the Stein Ver Ka and the red Sinanju. It struck me as a link between the two. I imagined an archaeologist unearthing it and proclaiming they’ve found the missing link that proves these two are related.

To drive home my hybrid theory let’s look at what’s new for the Stein Narrative Ver MG that could relate to the Red Comet.

1) Chest emblem and trimming on arms similar to that of the Sinanju Ver Ka.

2) Sinanju Ver Ka’s longer fuel tanks.

Longer is better when it comes to Stein fuel tanks!

3) Shield ends at a point, like Red Sinanju’s, and not in two prongs like that of the previous Stein.

Other than that, it’s much the same kit with some different colours thrown in. Do I like it more than the Stein Ver Ka? Hmm.

Colors: 9/10

The Stein Ver Ka was predominantly white and the darker tone of this Stein I think looks better but that seems to be only a minor change. The differences in colour outside of the armour colour are found in some slight changes to some of the body armour, for example using a gray instead of a blue for the lower torso at the waist.

Bandai simply had you swap out that lower armour part from blue to gray. That is a nothing change and doesn’t alter the look of the kit in any real way. Bandai’s gone and changed the frame colour to brown (except for a few areas), which I think is a neat change, but outside of that the only real addition of a colour might be that red on the side of the leg.

And that colour is done by stickers!

This area is kind of understandable given that Bandai would have to redesign this one area to accommodate new red parts. While I’m here I’ll show that it does indeed still move.

But this one?

Bandai would rather you sticker over a piece instead of giving you one moulded in the right colour.

Stickers to change colour are fine on HG kits but this is an MG.

All that said, I do think overall, both in look and in colour, I prefer the Stein Narrative Ver. over the Ver Ka.

Weapons: 10/10

This Stein comes with that beautiful Sinanju Bazooka.

I absolutely love this thing. It’s interesting to note that the Sinanju I love the most, the original Ver Ka, is the only one of the four Sinanju variant MG kits that does not include the bazooka. Really, if that kit included the bazooka I don’t know if they would sell many of the OVA versions. Interestingly, the new handle made for the new type of hands is moulded in NT Stein brown and not gray.

It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb but I can’t stop noticing it.

Narrative Stein comes with an all new rifle which is built up around the original Sinanju Beam Rifle.

This design allows it to utilize the undermounted launcher.

The shield has a nice shape and could also be thought of as a hybrid between the red Sinanju’s and the Stein Ver Ka’s. It too can take the undermounted launcher.

I actually prefer to have it on the shield. Not only does it give me a bit of offense with my defense but it frees up the rifle for something else. Attaching the bazooka to it!

Pop the sites off the bazooka and connect it to the underside of the new rifle.

That is massive!

So, of course, Stein has problems lifting it.

Throw the big shield on the other arm as a counterbalance.

The two beam sabers are standard and can be stored in the lower arm armour.

Articulation: 8/10

See this section in the Stein Ver Ka Review.

Nothing at all has changed, for better or worse, with the Narrative Stein. Those sexy legs still bend decently.

With some good support in the ankle.

And there is ample room in the shoulder area.

I call this the Boogeyman!


And this one the Poser.

Build Design: 8/10

Again see this section of the Stein Ver. Ka. review.

The backpack issues I mentioned there haven’t been addressed though that can be forgiven. However, I’m disappointed to see that the flaps on the back of the legs still come undone just as easily.

You need to handle them very carefully.

Oh, look! Gray thrusters!

Yes, the thrusters on this kit along with the frame piece to which this one particular thruster attaches are gray, not brown. If you’ve read the First Look post, you’ll remember that Bandai provided the H runner in both Gray and Brown. Outside of the thrusters the only Gray H part you’re meant to see is this one here. Which is hardly visible. This needs to be discussed.

Fun Factor: 8/10

See this section in the review for the Stein Ver Ka.

I’ll note that the Narrative Stein build loses some of its shine given that anyone who has already built a red Sinanju and the Stein Ver Ka will have experienced all aspect of this kit. But I also found it disappointing that I was using stickers in areas such as in the backpack when Bandai indicated a part should be brown rather than blue.

Yes, it’s still got the best frame out there, though this one’s not ABS again, and it’s a large kit that can demand attention.

Still it’s a bit of been there, done that.

Except for this.

Extras: 4/10

Not really much here. The included stickers are quite plentiful so you’re whitish Stein won’t be so white when you’re done.

You’re given waterslides for the white trim areas.

And it was nice of Bandai to include instructions for those new to waterslide markings.

The stickers they want you to use to change colours are a big turn off. Thankfully there’s not many of them.

And I’m glad they put in a very sturdy hand for gripping the rifle or rifle/bazooka combo.

You’re given the standard Action Base adaptor part (which I can’t seem to locate now) but really there’s not much else. There’s not even a pilot figure.

Well, there is but it’s that of the Stein Ver Ka so it’s not used in this kit.

This lack of pilot hits you right in the first step of the build. This kit seems like a weird beast.

I mean, I think I have enough parts to build the Stein Ver Ka’s rifle.

I’ll probably attempt that soon just to confirm for myself.

But once you’re done even that you’re still left with so many parts.

I won’t go into the details here as I want to keep this post as a review for the MG Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver. kit but I cannot leave this issue undiscussed.

I’ll have a separate post up soon enough about what Bandai did with this kit and how I feel about it and other things related to that. I’m also interested in hearing what you readers have to say about what I’m going to write so I think it’s best to leave this discussion separate so comments for that topic don’t get mixed up with, or overwhelm, the comments regarding the Stein NT kit.

So look forward to that.

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  1. Aenias says:

    So no Zoltan figure? That’s… actually a pretty big turn-off for me.

  2. BNuts says:

    It almost seems like the HG might be the better buy. You expect stickers with an HG.

  3. Kean Siong says:

    I really have high expectations on this grand master grade reissue. Execeptfor the price increments by Bandai, lot of unused and wasted plastic included for the high price, no zoltan figure, use sticker to change colour. There is not much excitement to buy again for those who already own MG sinanju Stein Ver Ka.
    The only slight different is the weapon system

  4. Bocalt says:

    Just realised that it is missing the Beam axe it is using in the movie. these have a longer handle than those of the Sinanju.

    This should have been -1 in the weapon’s section for missing a “trademark” weapon of the Zeon side. All this extra plastic and yet they couldn’t squeeze this one.

    I can understand the hguc missing those but the MG.

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